Anja Q fever

Author: Leendert Kunst

Autovaccination, using bacterial DNA from your own body For the prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune illnesses. An interview with Anja and Leendert Kunst, medical doctor. My health problems began all very suddenly at the end of 2013. Before that I had always been very healthy. It started with periods of abnormal heart rhythm. And I slept very badly at night. That was because I had many spells of arrhythmia in the night, and lots of sweating, ]and extreme tiredness, of course.

I also developed skin problems, eczema. I had problems with my bowels. My joints started playing up. It was really terrible, unbelievable.

In the space of 3 to 4 months it all stacked up. My GP prescribed me medication of course, but I reacted badly to the medication. I got given anti-inflammatory drugs, beta blockers as well.

The medication that I tried only made this worse within a few days. For example. Suddenly the skin in my armpit began to blister and dreadful heart rhythm problems I could not tolerate food supplements. When I resorted to the non-regular doctors, and I tried lots of doctors - that didn't help either Then my menstrual cycle got irregular I went straight back to my GP went there really often I’ve also been in total to four or five hospitals, I even went to an academic hospital in Belgium The only conclusion they could draw was that, Anja, it's all in your head. They had done all kinds of blood tests in the regular medical circuit Not one test showed an abnormality; all the biomarkers all the parameters, everything was fine, everything was fine So, Anja, it is psychosomatic.

Anja Q fever

Physical symptoms you get as a result of psychiatric problems. I couldn’t believe it, of course. I couldn't accept it. So then I tried my luck in the alternative medical circuit. I have consulted about 12 or 13 different therapists or doctors there in a year.

I started half way through 2014 until half way 2015 Then finally a professor in Brussels... I I had searched internet and had decided that it must have something to do with the immune system There was a professor who specialised in the immune system and he said it is a result of a Q-fever infection in your body not properly dealt with by your immune system that has caused your problems 80 percent of patients that come to him with my symptoms... They recognise immediately has at some point been affected by one of five or six infectious diseases that can cause so much damage in the body and this has been tested and I don’t know what all these tests are But he has also tested me for heavy metals poisoning infections that weren’t dealt with properly Co-infections - or whatever they’re called. He tested me for everything And he said, this is all caused by a Q-fever infection. And that is the nasty goat disease that plagued Brabant from 2006 to 2010.

It has infected 60,000 people and caused a lot of damage So then I had - looked at nutrition and I went on a really strict diet because I could eventually only eat boiled veg, white fish, chicken and beef, herbal tea and bottled water. I couldn’t tolerate anything else. Because of this diet I could suppress the symptoms to a degree. Although I thought, I can’t keep this up forever. My body can't cope with that.

Then in December 2016, the strict diet wasn’t helping anymore. - in suppressing the symptoms. And to make a certain quality of life possible. So I went back on the internet and came across Dr Kunst. We got in touch - and my bowels were causing all sorts of trouble and on finternet I had read about faecal transplants and that internet trail lead me to Dr Kunst. But when I rang him he tried to explain but I was being a bit stubborn … He tried to explain that it wasn’t a faecal transplant, that was needed He was thinking of autovaccination. I went for a preliminary consultation and I have been undergoing autovaccination treatment since January of this year.[ My health has made huge leaps of improvement. I can hardly believe it even now.

When I went to Dr Kunst it was at the end of 2016 I rated my quality of life a 3 or a 4 [out of ten] But at my deepest dip when my diet had not been adjusted I was at something like a 2. I even had to stop working, I couldn’t work. I had to stop working twice. No-one could give a diagnosis So, I couldn't explain to my boss what the problem was. So I just had to make a choice for myself. I just quit. I couldn't go on. For my own health’s sake I had to stop.

During the first consultation it was clear “I can help you with autovaccination.” We started straightaway. And I have to say since half April - all my symptoms have manifested- - as if there was a timetable - they even got worse one by one the first was my menstruation that was the first thing to get better So after I had the first two autovaccination injections I had my period the next day and since then, it has been regular again Then I had my frozen shoulder - my joint It bothered me a lot again for about a week And after that week the pain was completely gone. My cardiac rhythm problem twice after a treatment… Dr Kunst had said that you can have a reaction after an injection but within a hour of one injection I had a severe heart arrhythmia attack.

And - after two or three injections - it has never come back. Since then, I have contacted a couple of doctors associated with the Q-support group, and also a rehabilitation specialist and they had said, if you find a therapy that works Then we want to be actively involved. To see if we can offer support The autovaccination treatment has been very effective And I think that it can help other Q-fever patients It’s quite clear that patients have different symptoms The cause is that I have undergone an acute phase of Q-fever And now I’m in a chronic phase caused by bacterial DNA lin my body from the Q-fever bacteria and, depending on each individual body where your weaknesses are that’s where the symptoms occur and that's different for each person and autovaccination - that deals with the source of the problem Because you are vaccinated against the bacterial DNA of the Q-fever bacteria I’m a glass-is-half-full type person that’s just how I am, thank goodness Every last straw - that’s what I reach for. That’s how I got in touch with Dr Kunst Yes, absolutely Anja rates her life now an 8 or a 9. Autovaccination is a way to remove bacterial DNA out of your body. And you can say, “Yes, why do you need to do that?" If you have had an acute infection, the virulent, pathogenic bacteria disappear from your body They are immobilised and neutralised by your immune system. But the.

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Anja Q fever

Autovaccination, using bacterial DNA from your own body For the prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune illnesses. An interview with Anja and Leendert…

By: Leendert Kunst