Anatomical Art - Dick decoupage and naked pin-ups

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My baby's calling to me This is hopefully going to be the first in a series of spience-inspired...spience?! This is hopefully going through the first in a series of science-inspired crafts. Today we're going to be doing decoupage using Gray's Anatomy. Decoupage is basically a fancy word for saying sticking paper to things with PVA glue. Now before we get started please remember to subscribe the button will be somewhere on the screen ...somewhere...somewhere, and remember to check out my blog at where you'll find cool interesting stuff like demonic possession and knitting and kittens and other things. I do blogs about science in TV shows about how science is represented in the media. Hopefully I'll do some recipes and more crafts and things like that in the future. I tried to do about one or two blog posts a week so please go over there and check that out as well I remember to give this video a thumbs up at the end and comment and just enjoy Most of you have probably heard of the Gray's Anatomy text and you probably know about it because of the beautiful medical illustrations.

But who even was Mr. Gray No we're not talking about that fifty shades of abuse pillock from that awful movie and book which I never even actually read or saw but I got from tumblr that it was pretty bad nor has anything to do with the over-the-top medical drama of the same name. Henry Gray was born in London in 1827. In 1842 he went to study medicine at St. George's Hospital, London. Now this was actually at a time when you had to be a member of the Church of England to even be accepted to study medicine and followers of other faiths weren't even allowed to attend. That seems pretty crazy considering today there's such a huge divide between science and religion. The first edition of Gray's Anatomy was published in 1858 and included 750 pages with 363 medical illustrations.

Now despite the fact everyone knows it as as Gray's Anatomy, Henry Gray didn't even do any of the medical illustrations. These were in fact done by a friend of Henry Grays called Henry Vandyke Carter and I use the term 'friend' pretty loosely. Given the illustrations from a huge part of the book Henry Gray later downplayed Carter's contributions insisting that his name be written in a smaller font and refusing to acknowledge Carter's title as Professor of Anatomy. Gray also insisted that his own name be present on the spine of the book and Carter didn't even receive any royalties from the first editions of the book.

In addition, allegations later arose that Henry Gray actually plagiarised large portions of the text and didn't credit authors whose contributions were used in the book. Henry Gray died in 1861 at the early age of 34. Despite receiving an early form of the smallpox vaccine he actually succame to the disease while treating his 10 year old nephew. It's likely that most of Henry Gray's personal possessions and documents were burnt in an effort to prevent the spread of smallpox which is probably why we know so little about him today.

Anatomical Art - Dick decoupage and naked pin-ups

Now if you're in the mood for even more controversy in your medical text then go and check out the Anatomical Basis of Medical Practice. The authors of this book decided to use pin-up style photographs of nude women and some men in order to demonstrate surface anatomy. Now this in itself might not be too shocking, but then the authors decided to take things one step further and include what they considered cheeky little comments.

The authors later defended their choice of literary style by stating While I agree with this in its principle that science shouldn't be boring and stodgy the authors clearly went about doing this in entirely the wrong way offending thousands of women along the way. The book was subsequently withdrawn from the market can only be found as a collector's item. Whilst in modern-day academia you're unlikely to see Gray's Anatomy as a reference text I still think the medical illustrations found within it are absolutely beautiful and if you go on web sites like Etsy you can actually find a lot of people using anatomical illustrations such as those from Gray's Anatomy for everything from wall prints to t-shirts to magnets to other things I can't remember right now. So you're going to need whatever is your decoupaging, sandpaper, a paintbrush, some PVA glue and you're going to need whatever is your decoupaging with so i'm using this old copy of Gray's Anatomy that I found at a junk shop. This is just a standard cheap ass place mat, so it's got cork on the back and it's got this design on the front the first thing you want to do is peel off any kind of protective film that's on the front of the place mat then you're going to want to give a good sand with sandpaper so this really does two jobs: it helps get rid of the design so it doesn't show through the paper and also roughs up the surface so the glue has more to adhere to. Then you're going to want to prepare the material that you're going to decoupage with and this can be an old book it could be a magazine it could be comics it could be some nice wrapping paper that you've got.

This book has some absolutely beautiful illustrations in it so you can see the first one we using here is some of the muscles of the upper limb. And simply I just carefully tore around the image you don't have to be too precious about this it doesn't matter if you kinda you know rip a little bit of the picture as well because it's going to kind of be layered so you're not going to see that so much. You want to prepare all your images first so next one I used was a lovely picture of the male reproductive tract we've got a nice picture of a heart some bones and some other things. So prepare all your images first see how many can fit on more mat, you also want to rip out some maybe text or something you can put in the background to make the images you're using really sort of pop out. Then it's just as simple as glueing them down and a later on you'll also put another layer of glue over the top of the paper.

So you'll find if you're using this kind of thin paper it can get quite saturated with the glue and it can become quite wet but don't worry it will all dry and firm up nicely later on. And then we just keep going Now when you're done you're going to want to seal the work so that you know it's wipe clean and the paper doesn't peel off and stuff. Once it's fully dried give the whole thing to coat with Mod Podge and leave that to dry and you should have a nice shiny finish And this is one I did a few years ago, I used pages from an old bird identification book to decorate this storage unit Let go of Daddy's pants What is this? Oh it's squirmy, oh it's squirmy! Hello!.

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Anatomical Art - Dick decoupage and naked pin-ups

My baby's calling to me This is hopefully going to be the first in a series of spience-inspired...spience?! This is hopefully going through the first in a series of science-inspired…

By: ScienceSheWrote