Amoeba Infection Has Parents Concerned

By: Valley News Live

That's lurking in minnesota waters - has a lot of parents talking today. Thanks for joining us tonight. 14 year old hunter boutain became critically ill after developing a rare infection from swimming in a minnesota lake. State health officials say it happened two hours from the fargo-moorhead area at lake minnewaska in pope county.

Officials say the child is suffering from severe brain infection caused by an amoeba.. It's commonly found in freshwater and soil worldwide. Valley news team's "ashley bishop" looks into what to lookout for.. And how you can reduce your risk. Although swimming in lakes can be tons of fun...there are risks. Naegleria fowleri is an ameba that typically enters the body through the nose from warm lakes or rivers..

Then it travels through the nose to the brain and spinal cord where it destroys brain tissue. Most infections can be fatal. "it is very alarming because i have not heard of that before," 35 cases of naegleria have been reported in the u-s from 2005 to 2014. 2 of the 35 cases were reported in minnesota in 2010 and 2012. Now a possible third case in just 5 years. "i think we will be more proactive and investigating to see if they have done any testing or not in those lakes to make sure my kids are not exposed to things like that.

My kids are very precisious to me and i would not something to happen to them," "maybe if the stats were a little higher i would be a little bit more concerned me i am not too overly concerned," early symptoms of ameba infection are similar to bacterial meningitis...headache s, fever, and vomiting. Ashley bishop valley news live. You can reduce the risk of infection by wearing a nose clip when swimming.. Or playing in warm water. Infections do not occur from drinking contaminated water.

Amoeba Infection Has Parents Concerned

The amoeba has also been found in 15 other states.

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