Allison Huish's Experience with Frankincense

Author: Michel Felix

Ty: Allison Huish was diagnosed with brain cancer at the tender age of 13, and she used frankincense oil to treat it. Here is her amazing story. Allison Huish: I walked out of the waiting room about an hour later to see my mom who had just hung up the phone with tears in her eyes, and she told me, “Allison, you have a brainstem tumor.” I didn’t know quite what that meant.

You know, at 13 years old, I just started junior high school a couple of weeks prior. But I knew at that moment that my life would be different from there on out. We immediately went to go see my doctor, to my pediatric neurologist, and he showed my parents what the tumor was. Basically it was a brainstem tumor, pilocytic astrocytoma is what it was, about the size of an egg and it rested on my brainstem. That next day, I was scheduled for emergency surgery and they were able to get rid of about half my tumor. It was very interesting. My doctor told me, “eat all of the calories you can… If you’ll eat pizza, if you’ll eat ice cream,” because I was very skinny, “just get calories in you, whatever you’ll take.” But, in our research, we learned how nutrition was so important. I needed to give my body good calories to help support good healthy weight gain, support the cells so I would function better.

Then we started doing research on what to do. Of course, many people were pushing us to go see our radiologist and go that direction. My mom and I, we did go meet with our radiologist and I still, to this day, remember sitting in that room, the feelings that I felt in there. Ty: What were they? Allison Huish:It was very cold. It was very cold.

It was not what I wanted to do and I actually left that appointment and I grabbed my mom’s hand and I told my mom, “Mom, this isn’t – this process isn’t – for me.” So she said she had also felt the same way. But we left that radiologist’s appointment knowing, “We need something else” and that is where we were really drawn towards these essential oils. They kept coming across in a lot of our research. We noticed how essential oils did incredible things. There’s medical studies out there showing what essential oils can do. In particular, with these essential oils we were really drawn towards frankincense essential oil. I love frankincense oil, a very powerful oil.

Allison Huish's Experience with Frankincense

I think there is a reason why it is called “liquid gold” or why it’s one of the oils that the Christ Child was given. It’s a very, very precious oil. Allison Huish: So use a lot of oils. I use a lot of frankincense oil. I also use clove oil. Ty: How would you take it? Did you ingest it or did you rub it on your skin? Allison Huish: Yeah. Ty: Or did you do the aromatherapy? How did you do that? Allison Huish: You know what? It was really interesting how we did it. I did do it back here, where my scar is.

But I don’t know how effective that was because you do have a very thick skull. But, one way that I did and this was probably the way that was most consistent is, I always put a drop of frankincense oil on my tongue and raise the tongue to the roof of my mouth. I did that probably about every two hours because I figured, “Hey that’s probably the closest way to get to my brain stem without interfering with the bones or things like that.” Ty: And a lot of blood vessels there, too, to absorb. Allison Huish: Mm hmm, a lot of blood vessels, so just a lot internally. What happened was actually quite incredible. I started to gain health pretty quickly. Like I said, I started junior high school when I was diagnosed just three weeks later. I came home and started to regain health after my surgery.

I was able to start school again with my peers the next semester. That was pretty incredible. Ty: That’s quick for a brain tumor. Allison Huish: You know what? It was interesting. I was only in the hospital for about a week and a half. Most people are there for about six weeks. But once I had my tumor we started on good nutrition, we started on oils, and I just had an amazing recovery and that took about three years.

It took about three years and I would go see him. But every time I’d go see him, it just slowly was improving. It wasn’t dramatic, overnight.

It was a slow, gradual process, but it took about three years. I remember the point where I went to go see my neurologist and he told me, “You have no more tumor. It’s completely disintegrated.” Ty: Wow. What did you feel like at that point? Allison Huish: You know what? Words can’t describe it. It was just like such an emotional relief. I had been praying and I wanted my tumor to go away and I was like “I need another chance at life.” So when those words were said, it was invigorating. It was like I had a new life again. I wanted to go to college.

I wanted to become a registered dietician. I wanted to tell people my story. When I was told those words it was like, “This happened.” Ty: And that was at the age of 16 then? Allison Huish: That was about–yeah, the age of 16-17 is when that happened.

Ever since then, my health has just been improving.

Allison Huish's Experience with Frankincense

Ty: Allison Huish was diagnosed with brain cancer at the tender age of 13, and she used frankincense oil to treat it. Here is her amazing story. Allison Huish: I walked out of the waiting…

By: Michel Felix
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