Airrosti Treatment: Disc Herniation (Low Back Pain)

Author: Airrosti Rehab Centers

Hi, I'm Dr. Jason Garret with Airrosti Rehab Centers. Today we are going to discuss something that's going to affect ninety percent of Americans at some point in their life, low back pain. More specifically lumbar disc herniation. One of the most commonly diagnosed, yet least understood types of low back pain. We're going to outline what a disc herniation is, how it is poorly managed, why it's misunderstood, traditional treatments for it and how Airrosti effectively resolves most lumbar disc herniation related pain.

First let's talk about the basic anatomy of the lumbar region. We've got five lumbar vertebrae separated by intervertebral discs this disc you have to think about like a jelly donut. It's got an inner jelly like material surrounded by an outer fibrous material and when you injure it or when it herniates or protrudes that inner jelly like material herniates back and can press on a nerve root which then can cause pain to radiate down your leg cause numbness and tingling and some pretty bad pain. Now does a disk herniation always cause pain? No.

As a matter of fact sixty percent of people according to the New England Journal of Medicine have a disc herniation with no associate back pain whatsoever. So if you are watching this video right and don't have pack pain there is about a sixty percent chance of having a disc herniation and don't even know about it. So if somebody goes out on the street they bend over to pick up something they strain their low back and end up having back spasms a lot of pain in their low back maybe some radicular pains and numbness and tingling coming up the back of their leg. They go to the family doctor they get a diagnosis of low back strains get some anti-inflammatories reduces the inflammation but the pain doesn't go away. So they come back the doctor recommends physical therapy. So six weeks of physical therapy. They go through that the back pain is still there.

The next step is obviously you do an MRI to make sure there's nothing significant going on in the back. Well now the person has an MRI and they have a disc herniation. Did they have a disc herniation before maybe, maybe not? But now that there's a radiographic finding that shows a disc herniation that becomes their diagnosis. The next treatment is to do a cortisone shot or an epidural steroid shot deep into the spine into the disc in this area to reduce the inflammation if that doesn't work the next step is they go in and they make an incision between the muscles chisel away muscle along your spine go down and actually physically remove the herniated portion of the disc and the person wears a back brace for a little while for another four to six weeks they're walking around not really stressing their back and back pain goes away but it may have been an unnecessary surgery because it may have just been a traditional low back sprain strain that was poorly treated to begin with.

Airrosti Treatment: Disc Herniation (Low Back Pain)

So what makes Airrosti effective at treating this type of injury? Well first we spend an hour of quality one-on-one time with every singly patient this allows us to do all the functional, neurologic and orthopedic testing to arrive at a much more accurate diagnosis. And because we do this it eliminated the need for unnecessary MRI, CTs, injections, prescription, etc. And because we've arrived at an accurate diagnosis we can then apply a very specific hands on manual therapy to resolve this type of injury. After the treatment we follow up with functional testing to ensure that we've made a significant impact on the patient's overall pain and dysfunction. And then we follow up with active rehab no passive modalities or chiropractic adjustments.

There are literally hundreds of different causes for low back pain and just because you have been diagnosed with the lumbar herniated disc remember according to the New England Journal of Medicine it is a very poor clinical indicator for pain. Sixty percent of people walking around out there that do not have back pain have a lumbar disc herniation. You owe it to yourself if that's your diagnosis to come to Airrosti where we will properly assess and diagnose you and get you on the road to rapid recovery.

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Airrosti Treatment: Disc Herniation (Low Back Pain)

Hi, I'm Dr. Jason Garret with Airrosti Rehab Centers. Today we are going to discuss something that's going to affect ninety percent of Americans at some point in their life,…

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