Adrenal Fatigue Causing Infertility and Requiring IVF


Reproductive disruption is a very common complaint and symptom of adrenal fatigue. This is Dr. Lam, founder of

You know when a woman is trying to conceive, and barring any structural problem such as tube issues or sperm count, the body, if it does not want you to get pregnant will effectively be able to do so by putting road blocks in front of you. Now, this is a physiological event and the end result is difficulty in the menstrual cycle, even if you are able to get pregnant it is harder for the womb to stick to the uterine wall, and then there are spontaneous miscarriages. This type of miscarriage is very classic and usually happens in the first trimester, especially anywhere between week 6 and week 12, because of the lack of the progesterone - or we will say insufficient not lack - because the body in adrenal fatigue state tends to have less progesterone than it wants or it should. If you want the womb to stick, you need a lot of progesterone. Now the amount of progesterone put up by the body is usually automatic and it will scale up over time in the first 12 weeks, but in the case of adrenal fatigue the body is simply not able to put out that progesterone load because it is trying to make cortisol instead, and progesterone is one of the precursors to make cortisol. So the body is kind of caught; reproduction is therefore not perceived as an important event so the body shuts it off or slows it down, and it is not unusual for people with advanced stages of adrenal fatigue not to have periods for months and interestingly even if you do IVF the success rate is very low because the IVF can only help the implantation, but it cannot help you to make sure that the womb stays. The body, in its infinite wisdom, will make that decision. So, one of the most important questions that young women who have adrenal fatigue have to consider is how healthy is the menstrual cycle.

We deal with these people, we deal with these situations, and we have to make sure that it is not only about getting pregnant, it is about getting the body to have a strong adrenal system so that it can not only handle the IVF or the pregnancy but have a healthy baby at the end without reproductive disruptions and postpartum crashes. So reproductive disruption is a very big area, very serious area and those that are or anybody who has serial miscarriages must pay attention; but it actually comes as no surprise as a symptom of adrenal fatigue because it makes total, logical sense. In fact, one of the things that we find is that as the adrenal heals that the spontaneous recovery and the spontaneous pregnancy that is achievable often goes up. So it is not something that is unresolvable, but it is something that you must understand how it is related to adrenal fatigue so that you don't do the wrong things by forcing the body into fertilization when it is not ready. That can be a disastrous strategy. I hope you've enjoyed this video. For more information on this topic, head over to where I have written over a thousand articles to help educate people. You can also call me at 626-571-1234 for more information on Adrenal Fatigue and how to navigate it.

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Adrenal Fatigue Causing Infertility and Requiring IVF

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Adrenal Fatigue Causing Infertility and Requiring IVF

Reproductive disruption is a very common complaint and symptom of adrenal fatigue. This is Dr. Lam, founder of know when a woman is trying to conceive, and barring any…