Adrenal Fatigue causes Joint Pain of Unknown Origin


Joint pain of unknown origin is a common and very perplex problem that many people face. Nowm pain is a signal that the body sends us to tell us that something is wrong. If you have pain you have to see a doctor to find out what the root cause is. Commonly people fall, they may have structural problems, they may have twisted their ligaments or stretched their muscles and these are common reasons why people have pain; but sometimes the pain can come on that is with no apparent reason, on top of that. In the case of adrenal fatigue some of this pain could be migratory meaning they moves around. Today it could be in the right part of your body, and tomorrow it could be moved around to the left part.

And, there's is no set pattern, and there's no specific time or frequency that you can predict. Oftentimes we see this type of pain of unknown origin that comes on in an adrenal fatigue setting and doctors would not know what to do. Despite test after test and x-rays that shows normal this pain persists.

Now, in the case of adrenal fatigue what we do find is that if the body is in a state of fatigue because of stress, or overly strained adrenal that it cannot handle, then the body in advanced stages will slow down. It slows down in order to conserve energy and to save energy reserves. Now, let's think about this. If your body is slowing down the metabolites that's inside of body starts to accumulate. It is not being gotten rid of as quickly as it should be, as a result they stay in the body longer. Now the blood will carry these metabolites everywhere. It circulates around the body from the toes to the brain within a one minute cycle. Now some of these metabolites are unwanted because they can be toxic to the body, so they trigger inflammation, inflammation in turn can trigger pain.

Now when these metabolites reach the joints they may be so called stuck, or have a slow transmit time in the joints or in the muscles. If the joints or the muscles are already inflamed, this can cause a snowball effect where it is further reduced in terms of transit time. So this inflammation becomes a vicious cycle. The metabolites will trigger inflammation, inflammation in turn will trigger more slowdown of the body as well as swelling and pain. So this process goes on and sometimes it's very hard to predict where it ends up.

Adrenal Fatigue causes Joint Pain of Unknown Origin

Sometimes it could be the right hand, and then it moves around to the left hand, sometimes it could me the muscles. Most of the time it is not sharp pain, most of the timeit is somewhat dull, somewhat achy, and you don't really have a good handle to know what is really going on. The fact that this migrating is a important clue to tell us that this may be metabolic driven pain instead of structural pain such as a strain of a ligament. So if you have pain of unknown origin migrating, kind of dull, and nobody knows what's going on, you have to think about adrenal fatigue. Think about metabolites, look at your stress level, look at your diet, look at what you are taking - sometimes medications or even supplements can even trigger these.

So once you understand this as a possible mechanical cause and symptom of adrenal fatigue you will not be so scared. At the same time, the doctor will generally tell you that everything is fine, so that gives you further reassurance, but at the same time it can confirm that this may be a symptom of adrenal fatigue. I hope you've enjoyed this video. For more information on this topic, head over to where I have written over a thousand articles to help educate people. You can also call me at 626-571-1234 for more information on Adrenal Fatigue and how to navigate it.

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