ADHD & BrainCore Neurofeedback Training- Dr. Keri Chiappino

By: Dr. Keri Chiappino New Life Wellness

Hello. Today we're going to talk about ADHD. ADHD affects children and adults. When people have ADHD, 85 percent of them have a specific brain-wave dysregulation that we see.

Basically, a healthy brain is able to switch gears all day long; so it's able to speed up when we want to learn something new, slow down when we want to fall asleep, and stay in a routine, or an idle gear, when we're doing routine activities. When people suffer from ADHD, what happens is their brain is just staying in this slow gear. That's why traditional Western medicine's approach to ADHD can be to prescribe stimulant medications.

These stimulant medications will take a brain that's performing at a slow level and speed it up. Of course, once the medications wear off, you're still stuck with the same problem you started with. With neurofeedback, what we do is we reward the brain every time it's producing a higher brain-wave pattern. The more we reward the brain, the more we create something called neuroplasticity, which is a big, fancy name for new pathways in the brain. The brain then learns to stay in this high gear when we need to focus, and concentrate, and pay attention. Did you know that neurofeedback is rated Level One Best Support by the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics? Yes. That's true.

So, it's a very well-respected therapy and highly researched. The best thing about neurofeedback, is it's non-invasive, and the FDA reports no side-effects. So, consider BrainCore, which is our form of neurofeedback. It can really help children and adults alike to change their brain and change their lives. Until next time.

ADHD & BrainCore Neurofeedback Training- Dr. Keri Chiappino

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