Adhäsive Kapsulitis Schultersteife Behandlung - Frozen Shoulder Cure: Sonja Steffens

Author: Trigenics®

My name is Sonja Steffens, I am 45 years old and come from Braunschweig, Germany. My name is Christian and I am Sonja's husband. I am here in Tallinn visiting Dr. Oolo because since January I suffer from Frozen Shoulder.

The pain in my shoulder began last year in August. I had some minor pain in my shoulder which wasn't too bad, so I thought it would go away after a while. Unfortunately, the pain didn't go away. At the end of the year the pain got so bad that, within a week, I couldn't move my shoulder at all anymore. My entire arm hurt and my shoulder was completely immobile and stiff.

It hugely affected my everyday life. I couldn't get undressed anymore without help, I wasn't able to drive my car because I couldn't do anything at all with my arm. I was only able to do things that required my one arm. Thankfully I was able to do my job in the office since you technically only need one hand to work at a computer. I had to help Sonja do her hair because she could not hold it up herself anymore. I had to help her out of her blouses, t-shirts and jackets and driving the car didn't work at all anymore. All of that was really challenging over the past three months.

In January I was in Germany at an orthopaedist who recommended me a cortisone treatment and said that otherwise I'd have to wait and the whole illness would last up to three years. As a result I spent hours browsing through the Internet because I couldn't imagine that an illness that appears within one week could last up to three years before it disappeared. And after searching for several hours on the Internet, I stumbled upon Trigenics and Dr.

Adhäsive Kapsulitis Schultersteife Behandlung - Frozen Shoulder Cure: Sonja Steffens

Oolo. Mostly because of this Youtube video where I watched Sandra from Norway with a Frozen Shoulder that seemed to be as bad as mine. I ,too, couldn't move my arm at all--neither forward nor to the sides. Practically nothing was possible. And in that Youtube video, one could see that Sandra from Norway was cured by Dr. Oolo's treatment. After seeing that, I decided to ask some German doctors in my circle of acquaintances and not a single one of them knew about this kind of treatment. That really surprised me.

And then I decided to contact Trigenics and had a very long and detailed talk and afterwards told my orthopaedist about everything I had learned. He had no objections against this treatment and so I travelled to Tallinn to Dr. Oolo and got the OAT Procedure just yesterday. During that time we got to know Karsten Schmielgald, he is an Osteopath in Hamburg and was a student of Dr. Oolo himself. So he knew him personally and advised us to do this therapy. Yesterday was the treatment. At the beginning, before it started I got a bunch of documents to read, which also included information about the exercises afterwards.

And I was a little shocked at first because it was stated that those exercises are quite painful. It was also stated, that the mantra is "pain will be your friend" and that definitely made me a little nervous. But when I got to know Dr.

Oolo, when we first saw each other and he examined me I got the impression that he knew exactly what he was doing and was absolutely convinced that my shoulder would be cured by his treatment. And when I was allowed to join in and saw Sonja with a stretched out arm on the seat, it was unbelievable and absolutely overwhelming. It was like a miracle, I could really move my arm again. At first only with the help from others, since my arm was rather weak because of the muscular atrophy, but I was able to freely move my arm around again, left and right, up and down. Also mostly without any pain. The pain was no problem at all. After the treatment we went to the hotel, where I did my exercises every hour all night long. These exercises were very strenuous because I hardly slept between the exercises.

The exercises last about 10 minutes and in between 50 minutes it's hard to catch some sleep. The exercises were a little painful sometimes, however, it was tolerable. And this morning the exercises didn't hurt that badly anymore and everything was okay. And now I really think it was a miracle.

I can't believe that it didn't even take 24 hours to fix my frozen shoulder. I have supported Sonja with the exercises a little, I have paid close attention so she did them the right way and that the arm was held in the right position and secured, so it doesn't fall down, just like Dr. Oolo explained to me. I think it's very important to have someone there who makes sure everything is secured and supported and done the right way.

Yes and now I sit here the next day at the follow-up and as you can see, I can move my arm freely, I can stretch it, shake it and it doesn't hurt at all. Thank you, Dr. Oolo. You are a miracle healer.

Yes, we will always be grateful, Dr. Oolo.

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