Adhäsive Kapsulitis Schultersteife Behandlung - Frozen Shoulder Cure: Silvi Walling Testimonial

Author: Trigenics®

Hello, my name is Silvia. I am 39 years old and I’m from Berlin. I had Frozen Shoulder for 4 months. In the beginning, when I realized that something was not right with my shoulder, I had such restricted range of motion that I couldn’t do much. And it became worse and worse and more and more painful.

It was most painful at night—I couldn’t sleep at all. There were a lot of small things that you cannot do that at all, like pulling out your sweater, or driving, lifting things, or opening bottles. The pain was like a knife stabbing the shoulder. It’s enough to make you despair and scream. I tried several different treatment methods and I visited three different orthopedists. One orthopedist herself also suffered from a Frozen Shoulder and knew a lot about it.

Speaking with her made me very informed. I checked out chiropractic, osteopathy, etc. But none of that helped. Or maybe it helped for a brief moment and then it either got worse or stayed the same.

I researched on the Internet again during the another sleepless night about... What I could do and what other frozen shoulder sufferers do. Then I found a Dr.

Adhäsive Kapsulitis Schultersteife Behandlung - Frozen Shoulder Cure: Silvi Walling Testimonial

Oolo-Austin Trigenics video. And I immediately said "I will do that!" I sent them an e-mail and my documents right then and there. My friends, most of them, really supported me. At the beginning they were skeptical of course... Because it wasn't in Germany and we always think we have such a good health system in Germany, which isn't entirely true. Germany has good things, but not everything and... There isn’t any treatment for a Frozen Shoulder.

I sent my friends the Trigenics video. Many were impressed and encouraged me... To go through with the OAT Procedure. It was very exhausting and it really, really hurt. But it is just for a brief moment and suddenly you can raise your arm again. You may not believe it, but that is how it is. I thank Dr. O..

And his team for helping me. I can lift my arm again and can wave and do everything. Thank you very much! The moment when I could suddenly move my arm again..

Or when Dr. O lifted my arm up in the air, I was like "Oh god, I have my arm up, I have my arm up!" I was so happy and it was so great. It's amazing.

So it's just great that Dr. O and his team at the Trigenics Clinic are there. Anyone who suffers from a Frozen Shoulder... And goes through this pain, come here to Tallin. Come here and let them treat you.

You do not have to suffer through the pain and... You do not have to wait for three years for it to go away. You have to do exercises, though. It's not like you have to come here and then don’t have to do anything afterwards. You need to do the exercises.

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