Acupuncture: Reducing the Stress of Breast Cancer

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Andrea Hake, Acupuncturist Breast cancer is a very stressful time for women. They have to handle, a lot of times their career, they find themselves struggling with their family and now they have this disease that can really compromise and get in the way of them performing their daily lives. It’s a stressful time physically. It’s a stressful time emotionally and mentally. A lot of times one will feel alone going through this. And acupuncture treatments can help them feel like, “Wow, I’m nourishing myself. I’m receiving.” So acupuncture is the needle technique of Chinese Medicine. It’s more like filaments, they’re the size of maybe two hairs.

And the most you’ll feel is a prick and it actually dissipates. It really isn’t the Western needles that you’re used to. The purpose of the acupuncture is to stimulate points on the body that are part of our meridian system that support the organs and muscles and tendons of the body.

I like to incorporate a lot of Moxa. It’s a heat therapy that you actually apply to the end of needles to help facilitate the healing process. And it’s very relaxing and it detoxifies the body. Typically you will see results within the first treatment. You should generally feel more relaxed, less stress, and your body should radiate that as well.

Acupuncture: Reducing the Stress of Breast Cancer

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