Abortion and Miscarriage - What happens to the soul of the child?

Author: Mira Kelley

Hello everyone. This is Mira Kelley. I am the best-selling author of “Beyond Past Lives”.

I help people experience other lifetimes they have lived so that they can achieve emotional and physical healing in their present lives. I was asked this question, what happens to the soul of a child after an abortion or a miscarriage? And I understand that the topic of abortion and the topic of losing a child in a miscarriage is a very emotional topic for women and for their partners but especially for the woman. And there’s a lot of guilt, a lot of sorrow, a lot of pain, a lot of really not knowing of what happens after a child departs to its soul. And that’s why it’s so important that I share with you what I have come to learn through my work and what my understanding on this.

I need to tell you that even if the occurrence of this event takes place in your life, it’s not an accident. No abortion, no miscarriage is an accident, even if it seems to be so, it never was. It’s always something that is planned between the soul of the mother and the child and everybody else involved as well. Because there’s so much learning to be done for everybody who gets involved in, who is involved in the situation. The reason for this happening is because the soul of the child simply needs to have a very brief introduction into physical world, into a physical reality. In a way, they simply want to dip their toes in the water; they don’t want to go any further.

So that’s enough of an experience. And the soul of the mother is willing to be there to help that other soul learn and get the experience that it wants for itself. And sometimes it’s important for the mother to learn, for her partner to learn the lessons of forgiveness, letting go, shame, hurt, guilt. Now all this lessons that come with an unwanted pregnancy or a pregnancy that is very wanted but ends too soon.

Abortion and Miscarriage - What happens to the soul of the child?

So it’s really the child, the soul of the child being a very obliging friend, and saying “I will come to you and I will help you experience this. I will help you in this process. I will be there for you”. So it’s simply a short opportunity for the two of them to come together and create this learning, the mother and the child. But ultimately, I want to assure you that the soul of the child is perfectly alright. Nothing happens to it. It’s perfectly safe in a safe space. It hasn’t been harmed.

In fact, it has only been enriched by this experience of having a short life on earth. And you know sometimes what happens is, the very same soul will come back to the family at a later time when the timing is more appropriate. When the parents are in a better place to accept the child. When the mother is able to take better care of the child when her body is better able to handle the pregnancy. Or simply when the soul of the child determines that the conditions in the family are better for it to come through and learn the lessons that it wants to. So please understand nothing has happened to the child. It’s really for you as the mother; it’s really for you as the father to release the guilt, to release the sorrow, to release the hurt. And I have found out that past life regression is really an excellent way to heal the emotions around the termination, the early termination of a pregnancy.

I also worked with a woman who had experienced numerous miscarriages and she really wanted to have a child and she couldn’t understand what was getting in the way. So she and I worked together and she connected with a lifetime where her mother in that lifetime was having an abortion, losing a child. And as a little girl in the family, she was really impacted by the emotions that her mother had experienced in that other lifetime.

And we’ve worked on releasing those emotions, the confusion, the pain the little girl felt. And that created a tremendous lift of ease and a sense of well-being in the woman as who she is today. So please, use regression to heal those emotions and please be rest assured, everybody is just right, all is well. The soul of the child you have let go of is in a perfect state of well-being, divine love and a place of peace. And I know that through this video, the soul of the child is now reaching out to you and bringing you comfort, bringing you love, telling you that everything is alright. And it’s really now your time to heal and forgive yourself and bring comfort to your heart. I am sending you all my love and we’ll talk again soon.

Sat Nam.

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Abortion and Miscarriage - What happens to the soul of the child?

Hello everyone. This is Mira Kelley. I am the best-selling author of “Beyond Past Lives”.I help people experience other lifetimes they have lived so that they can achieve emotional…

By: Mira Kelley