A country for sociopaths by sociopaths

Author: Ethan and Hila

How many days do you have left to live? Probably not as many as you think. Hey guys, and welcome to another h3h3 vlog. One day closer to the ultimate nothingness. That's a nice bright way to start a vlog, I think I like that. [high pitched voice]: I'm Jacksepticeye! One day closer to death, mateys! [high pitched voice]: At least 2% of you watching this will be dead by the end of the month! That's kind of a... Cheery thought, isn't it? Guys, enough about talking about death and how many of us are gonna be dead by the end of the month. Let's talk about, uh, Patreon here.

I've been- I've been meaning to suck you guys' dick about this for a long time and it's been so crazy since we moved to New York City. Our schedule has been absolutely bonkers, So I just wanna take a minute here and take a look here- 2,986 $ a month WHOOOA! WHOOOOOOOA! 2986 dollars a month?! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA! Honestly, I think if it wasn't for you guys, we'd be living in a fucking hole in Israel, taking bombs from Hamas, dude. We'd be perpetually under attack from terrorists, living in a hole! That's where we be without your guys' support and it's- [slap] every month! It's amazing.

And so, now, guys after we're done talking about the prosperous h3h3 productions, thanks to you, guys, love you so much. Let's get on to move in something a little bit less prosperous. Now, coming from, uh, LA, we had health insurance there And I believe, the health insurance there was 400 dollars a month but for- and that's a lot of fucking money but for that we didn't we didn't pay the doctors, we didn't pay for medicine, and stuff and you know at least I didn't feel like we were being ripped off because it still was a good service. 400 $ is a lot of fucking money though, 400 $ that's- that's more than some people pay for rent. So now we're in New York and I've got like a little cancer my foot here, you can see a bump I'm freaking out dude, I probably got a week to live, I mean, who knows what a bump could be? How many things could a bump be on your foot like that? What the hell, dude?! And I'm like, okay, well let's check with the doctor and see how many days I have left to live. So let's sign up for health insurance... Fucking $750 a month for the same coverage in New York City. $750 a month?! We're getting some assistance because we're poor, about like half off, but still, half off is like $350 a month.

That's for "he gets the you're poor price" You're a poor guy, so let me give you a half off. "Oh great, how much is it?" $350 a month. A-heh! Only like 10% of your income. Is that OK with you? Oh, and by the way if you need to see a doctor or you need medicine or need to go to the doctor or anything, you still have to pay. So give us 10% of your income and then in return we'll give you, uh, nothing! You know what I like about the health insurance, my favorite part? For the dude who makes a $100,000,000 a year, pays the same amount for the dude who makes $50,000 year because somehow that's fair. Because 50,000 is the cutoff.

A country for sociopaths by sociopaths

They're like "Oh, dude, you're making $50,000. You're made. You're made, dude. You're out of poverty, you can afford to pay fucking $750 a month, 10% of your fucking income." Meanwhile, the dude who was making a $100,000,000 is paying like .00000001% and this dude is paying 10 fucking percent of his income! I mean, I was pretty upset in LA to pay 400, but this is insane, 750- Like, we're considering not even getting health insurance because I'm not sure we can afford it. Let's crunch some numbers here. Now, my percentage of dying this month is about 5% based on my health and 10 so bas- so technically I can gamble and go one year without health insurance and may be able to pay up, or I'll just fucking go get hit by a car and then I'll owe the hospital million fucking dollars. What a joy. What a joy and a pleasure.

I love America but god damn, I know it's like a circlejrk to talk about this but 750 a month is like... And we're like young healthy people. Well, relatively, you know I'm talking about. Young and healthy relatively but still I-I- Come on, dude! I'm not like a fucking- I'm not a f- I'm not 90 years old, I don't fucking weigh 600 pounds, so why're you charging me $750 a fucking month?! And then I gotta pay to see a doctor! Hey doctor, check out my foot. I paid $600 this month for health insurance.

"OK, cool, give me $200 because you wanted to fucking see me 'cause your deductible is 3,000 fucking dollars!" I'm a liberal guy, you know, I do the whole liberal jerk-off thing, Bernie Sanders for president or whatever but here's the great thing about Obamacare: if you decide that you can't afford to pay $650 a month because you're baking hard right?! You're making $50,000 a year. You can afford to pay 10% of your income after you already get taxed 30% and it's 10% sales tax, which means that you get 30% of the money left. That's going to cover your rent and then your health insurance and food too, I mean God, who can't afford that, right? You know what's the best part? That you get taxed for not having health insurance by Obamacare because it's just so insane not to get health insurance, right? I mean, who wouldn't want to pay TEN PERCENT OF THEIR INCOME FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? So that's where we are right now. We're deciding if we should get health insurance or not. It's a beautiful world and I'm just so happy to report from the greatest country on Earth, America, and how dare anybody else say that America is not the greatest country on Earth? It clearly is! Have you been in a science classroom recently? I mean, come on! We could- how many people are in that science classroom? 50? Come on, we can fit 75 in there, get it together, America. Kids need to learn.

And that brings us to the third part of this vlog: there's a something that's been in the news that I want to talk about here This guy's, this is like the new Cecil The Lion guy. This guy's like the most hated guy in America right now. This dude, if you don't know who he is, bought some kind of medicine that's really important for the treatment of HIV and AIDS and it used to cost $13 a pill, and he bought it and then he increased the price to like $700 a pill. "Daraprim was developed in 1953 as a treatment for toxoplasmosis, an infection caused by a parasite. It comes from eating undercooked meat, or drinking contaminated water, and affects those with compromised immune systems, like AIDS and cancer patients." Basically his explanation is like, "Hey dude, come on, right? I mean it saves- it's going to save your life, it's worth a lot more than $17. [Martin Shkreli]: "You know at the end of the day the price per course of treatment to save your life was only $1000, and we know these days modern pharmaceuticals, cancer drugs cost a $100,000 or more.

Rare disease drugs can cost half a million dollars, Daraprim is still underpriced relative to its peers." - The kind of guy who wouldn't mind putting a little poison in baby food if it saved him a couple dollars at the end of the month, if you know what I mean? Hey, those babies had it coming! You know I mean? He's not the problem, dude, Our fucking country, the way it's set up, awards sociopaths. You're not going to make it in this country if you have morals, guys, 'cause morals is for weak people. It's like- it's like the rules of this country is like, Regulate yourself. We trust you But also the bottom line is to make as much money, so come on guys, get together. It's like, the guy can fucking do it, so why shouldn't he? He's a sociopath. That's how the game's played here, that's how court- This is how capitalism in America is played, right? This is how they want it. It's not him, dude. He's a symptom of the problem that, fucking, I'm paying $750 a month for health insurance.

That, fucking, someone who's dying with HIV, who needs this medicine, has to pay him $70,000, or if they can't afford it, well, what's the other option? Uh, fucking die! So what can you do? I don't know. You could be rich. That's the solution to everyone's problems in America. Does America have the best healthcare in the world? Yeah, probably for the quality. Do you have to be a fucking millionaire to utilize it and everything else in America? Yeah. So the solution to everyone's problems, guys? Get it together, this is America! Do you know what you need to do? Be rich! At any cost! This is a country for sociopaths, by sociopaths, and if you have a moral compass get out! Go to fucking Canada, you bitch! Where people have to pay taxes straight out of their paycheck for health care. Where people actually think that caring for people universally is worth a damn. Yeah, well, if that's you, fuck off out of my great country, America.

The greatest country on Earth and shame on you for saying otherwise, Get out! And if you don't believe in Jesus, how about you go fucking suck a dick in hell, bitch! Good luck getting health insurance when your asshole gets ripped by that big ass black cock you love so much. I talk a lot about anal sex, did you notice that, Hila? That is a very common [Hila]: Yeah imagery of mine, when I get heated up. I wonder what that's all about. I'm gonna try to tone down the anal imagery here, guys but meanwhile, this guy right here Get a close up of this face here, Hila. This guy's fine.

He's made it. This guy can afford health insurance. This guy's got a great apartment in New York City, a penthouse. Top floor. This guy eats the finest food, and you know why? Because he doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about anyone. "This particular drug is used by a small but vulnerable group of patients. So you see how greedy this move looks? - Yeah, I could see how it looks greedy but I think there's a lot of altruistic properties to it.

[greediness intensifies].

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A country for sociopaths by sociopaths

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