7 Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Mistakes

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This is Dr. Lam. The seven most common mistakes in Adrenal Fatigue recovery are: No. 1: Improper use of nutritional supplements. Natural compounds are very different from prescription drugs, clinical behaviors of prescription drugs are usually well-defined and follow a curve that is highly predictable and highly researched. Compare this with natural compounds, you will find there are significant differences. Number one, many natural compounds have different dose-dependent behaviors, and in other words, how they behave at one dose can be very different from how they behave at another dose.

So 100 mg. Of 1 item may behave differently than 500 mg. Of another item. This does not mean that it is better, it can sometimes be worse. Number two, the exact standardization of what is considered a normal dose is not well known, so therefore, is unsure what is the exact dosage for a certain nutrients and it is therefore body specific rather than the ability to have a standardized dosage. Number three, most compounds have little or no recognizable side effect at doses many times an RDA dose. But because many people tend to follow the RDA, which is quite low, the tendency therefore is to be under-dosing themselves. Number four, few studies have been conducted in the toxic consequences of many natural compounds due to funding constraints.

As a result, this contributes to even less standardization. Number five, some natural compounds, especially herbs and glandulars, can behave differently in the same person, depends on that person's state of dysfunction. For example, those with mild Adrenal Fatigue may do well with these herbs, which tend to be organic, however, if you have Adrenal Fatigue in advanced stage, they may behave as stimulants. The optimum therapeutic dose is required, for each person's recovery is body specific.

In other words, the right dose for one person can be very different from another person and in fact, can be toxic. Furthermore, there's dramatic differences in the availability of nutrients made available to the self-dependent on the delivery system. Nutrients delivered by just a regular tablet or by liquid or by liposomal forms are very, very different in terms of absorption from the gut into the bloodstream and ultimately delivered to the cell. Lastly, different manufacturers use different natural compounds and low-quality nutritional supplements are usually less effective than higher quality one. Because of the lack of this knowledge in the general public, inappropriate use of nutritional supplements is rampant in all parts of natural health.

7 Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Mistakes

In the case of Adrenal Fatigue, it's especially dangerous because recovery not only can be impeded, but it can also be worse. No. 2: An experienced healthcare provider can contribute to a slow recovery. Most conventional physicians are not well informed of Adrenal Fatigue because they are not taught in medical school. Dysfunctions of adrenal glands therefore have wide influence with the symptoms that often defy conventional medical logic because a person usually complains with so many symptoms, including fatigue, insomnia, hypoglycemia, heart palpitations, salt cravings, sugar cravings, joint pain, sore muscles, exercise intolerance—this is basically very, very difficult for a person to sort it out if they don't have the alert of Adrenal Fatigue. However, these symptoms can be explained under the unified umbrella of Adrenal Fatigue when conventional medicine has exhausted all investigative tools, and fortunately, because most doctors are not well versed in Adrenal Fatigue, this is a process they seldom embark on.

Instead, symptomatic approach or suppression of symptoms, such as using energy, stimulating compounds with drugs, as well as thyroid medications and hormones are used and this usually makes things worse over time, although it can have temporary benefit. No. 3: The excessive use of prescription drugs and medication is a big problem because they can make the Adrenal Fatigue worse. In the case of Adrenal Fatigue, we should expect and respect the body's signs and symptoms, as they are valuable sensitive indicators, instead of suppressing them. If you suppressed the symptoms, the body's not going to be able to signal you and instead, the body is being pushed to generate more energy, when what it really wants is a nurturing approach to re-heal itself. A thyroid replacement is particularly a problem if the person has thyroid problems secondary to Adrenal Fatigue and not a primary hypothyroidism problem, because by stimulating the thyroid, you're stimulating the body to increase more energy. Ultimately this will fail if Adrenal Fatigue is the root cause. Anti-depressants are often prescribed and this may make the problem worse with addiction and withdrawal problems, and some people simply cannot tolerate them.

Anxiety agents are prescribed to calm the patients. This works temporarily and has its use, but overuse can be a problem. Sleep medication is frequently prescribed, and this has its own set of problems with withdrawals and is not easy for many people to take even the right kind of sleep medication in Adrenal Fatigue, and some people can get even wired and tired with sleeping pills, in other words, they have paradoxical reactions, which we will go into later. A hormone replacement without other consideration to the thyroid, as well as the ovarian system, is a problem, especially with the use of thyroid hormone, we mentioned earlier, as well as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.

Furthermore, antibiotics are usually prescribed if a person has frequent infection. This can lead to gastrointestinal upset and internal dyspoiesis. Finally, steroids are commonly prescribed to suppress symptoms. While short-term use can have its place, oftentimes we found that nutritional approach, if it's done properly, can be very, very good and steroids are sometimes, and oftentimes, not necessary unless there's no other choices. No.

4: The failure to recognize paradoxical unusual reactions. Paradoxical reactions are generally more prevalent in natural compounds because of the way it's made and the process' lack of standardization, yet conventional doctors are not fully prescribed or alert to understand what is going on. Nutrients that are suitable for one body are not necessarily good for another person, so you have paradoxical reactions such as a sense of fatigue, when medication has been taken, a certain onset of anxiety attacks or impending doom at rest, sudden onset of palpitation despite normal cardiac function, increase or fluctuation in blood pressure, increase a sense of being beaten up that lasts for days after rigorous exercise—meaning a body that's really drained—brain fog, waking in the middle of the night for no reason, a sense of being wired and tired all the time, a feeling of more toxic, a sense of emotional fragile state, multiple trips going to the emergency room only to be told everything's normal, a sense of well being after taking selective nutrients only to be followed by a crash. All these are examples of paradoxical reactions that normally defy conventional medical logic, but it happens frequently in Adrenal Fatigue and these have to be watched out for. These paradoxical reactions are basically the body's signs and symptoms of telling us something else is going on and requesting us to look deeper. If we fail to look deeper, then we just suppress these symptoms, it will only make the body more rebellious over time. No. 5: There's a failure to recognize multi-organ involvement.

This failure, often associated with Adrenal Fatigue, leads to a narrowing focus that makes the condition over time worse. The ovarian adrenal thyroid axis is a critical axis and these organs are intimately co-dependent upon each other in Adrenal Fatigue and this balance has to be done properly for a person to feel good. Unfortunately, this is a convoluted type of picture because it involves ovarian dysfunction leading to estrogen dominance and adrenal dysfunction with symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue, as well as thyroid imbalance with symptoms of hypothyroid, and this is not easy to sort out because the common presentation is so convoluted and because no organ system is spared in this dysfunction and when the adrenals are not in optimum shape. As a result, the adrenal recovery program that does not factor all these three organs, plus other organs involved, will oftentimes fail. No.

6: There's an over-reliance on laboratory testing. While saliva testing does have its place, over-reliance on testing can be a problem because it's hard to clinically correlate and sometimes the pictures and the data can be confusing. The most important thing in Adrenal Fatigue is a good history and that should be the key to the overall process of recovery and do not rely only on simple tests. Tests can be used as a supporting endeavor from time to time.

No. 7: Lastly, there's a lack of comprehensive recovery program because most program focus on increasing energy and not focus on the total body. To nurture the body, to gently let the body recover and heal itself with nutrients, the right exercise, the right diet, the right lifestyles, in a combination so that the body can fully recover. I hope that this presentation has been helpful to you. This article, in its completeness, can be viewed online at www.DrLam.com, it's my free, educational website for the public. You can read, and you can ask me questions from the website, or if you need personalized attention you can call my office.

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7 Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Mistakes

This is Dr. Lam. The seven most common mistakes in Adrenal Fatigue recovery are: No. 1: Improper use of nutritional supplements. Natural compounds are very different from prescription…

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