6 Things SHOCKINGLY Good for Colitis

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Welcome back VIPOOs to another episode of Party Pooper. If you're a returning viewer thank you so much for continuing to watch, if it's your first time tuning in, I recommend watching my first video so that you're not confused by what we're talking about. This week I'm talking about things that are known to be bad for most people, but are actually shockingly good for Colitis. I'd like to start by saying I am not a medical professional, I am not a registered dietitian, these are simply things that I've read about or have been told by said professionals and now I'm bringing this information to you. Item number one, tanning. What does tanning have to do with colitis? Absolutely nothing. Aside from the fact that a lot of Crohn's and colitis patients also have a skin condition known as psoriasis.

It just so happens that tanning is really good for helping clear this up. Now I do not condone tanning, I'm not telling you to go to a tanning salon. But you can talk to your dermatologist about going under supervised UV lights. And hey, if you are into tanning, well then you get one via prescription. Item number two, smoking. Now I know what you're thinking, this chick is cray but before you close your browser just hear me out. I promised you guys I would always be honest so I'm going to share that when I first got sick and ended up in the hospital it was actually because I quit smoking.

It turns out that nicotine actually suppresses the symptoms of Crohn's and colitis, so when I quit smoking it send my body into nicotine withdraw and it is what brought the colitis to light. Now like tanning, I do not condone smoking. Do not smoke.

Do not go out and get a nicotine patch or anything like that. I will say, if you are a smoker and quit cold turkey and you start to notice symptoms, I would go see a doctor. Now onto the good stuff. Things I do condone. Food! This brings us to item number three, white bread and white pasta. When you have a bowel disease often times it's a struggle to keep food in your system long enough to solidify and absorb nutrition. Generally most people avoid white bread and white pasta because it does exactly that, it stays in your system and it's hard to digest.

6 Things SHOCKINGLY Good for Colitis

So this is beneficial to Crohn's and Colitis patients because the food can sit in there longer, kind of back things up a bit, give you time to absorb nutrition and fluid from the food. Pasta for days. MMM wait, yep, yep, better with cream sauce. Which brings us to item number four.

Dairy products. Dairy products are good because IBD patients are at risk for osteoporosis so dietitians often suggest increasing your dairy intake. If you can't do dairy, if you can't handle dairy products, that's fine, you can take supplements, but if you can handle dairy products, then get ready to fulfill all your cheesy dreams! Until you haven't eaten in over a week, you don't even know what it's like to be a fan. To love some silly piece of cheese so much, it hurts. Item number five, plain rice. Plain rice isn't bad for anyone. But it tastes bad. But it's good for colitis.

Item number six, Ensure! I recently learned that Ensure in high doses over a long period of time can be bad for people, but if you're having a hard time digesting food, and you're on a fluid diet, and you're not absorbing protein then I highly recommend High Protein Ensure. You can make smoothies with it, it's super delicious. Just make sure that you're drinking it in moderation. Those are a few things bad for most people but good for me. I guess you can that there are some perks, and that's what I call a cup half full...of Ensure. I swear to god this is not an ad, I legit love Ensure. Thank you for watching another episode of Party Pooper. If you're enjoying the content please subscribe.

If you know someone that would benefit from the content, please share the link and I will see you next week. Bye!.

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6 Things SHOCKINGLY Good for Colitis

Welcome back VIPOOs to another episode of Party Pooper. If you're a returning viewer thank you so much for continuing to watch, if it's your first time tuning in, I recommend…

By: Party Pooper