5 Incríveis Benefícios da Luz Solar Para Sua Saúde

By: Natureba - Curas Naturais

Stay a while the sun is very energizing, Is not it? But did you know that natural light has numerous health benefits, both physical and emotional? We separate five reasons why you You should get more sunlight in your day to day. 1. Natural light increases productivity and improves mood You already may have heard that depression may occur due to long periods gloomy weather. But have you ever considered that the opposite is true? Have a wide exposure to natural light, improved your productivity and your courage to perform the tasks of everyday life. 2. Regulates the circadian As we spend more time at home, no natural light, our circadian rhythm is fuzzier.

For artificial lighting affects the production melatonin, responsible for sleeping in our bodies. Do you think your circadian cycle is irregular? Take a vacation week for sunbathing! But if you can not take a vacation, abuse of large windows of your home, to have great nights sleep. 3. More natural light and less electricity The more your home or work environment is exposed to the sun, less electricity It will be used to illuminate the environment. And as a result, your pocket will feel less. 4. Improves vision Think twice before putting your glasses sun when out on the street. New research suggests that natural light does well in our eyes, while the artificial light It can be harmful to our vision.

Studies have shown that people They are working at night without sun exposure, They are more susceptible to various forms of cancer and other diseases. 5. Improves the quality of sleep Have you ever heard about the negative effects Blue light emitted by your smartphone night? Artificial lights disrupt production body melatonin, affecting our ability falling asleep. People who use artificial lighting night, they are likely to sleep poorly. So have contact with natural light their day to day will give you energy during the day and less difficult to catch asleep when the bedtime. With all these benefits aligned, it was easier to see why you should expose more natural light, either in your home or job.

You've done the test during your holiday? He realized the change that has taken on their health? Let us know what you think and if the light ja natural part of their habit.

5 Incríveis Benefícios da Luz Solar Para Sua Saúde

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