4-level Cervical ADR at Stenum Hospital and ENANDE GMBH with Dr Ritter Lang, Testimonial

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Colleen: Hello! My name is Colleen Gibson, and I�m just doing a little video interview with my roommate from Stenum Hospital Deena Hyatt. She is returning back for her second surgery, this time on her cervical spine, and myself as well returning back for my second surgery on my cervical spine. So Deena, how are you doing today? Deena: I�m feeling pretty good. As you just explained, this is my second time back to Stenum so I was prepared and knew what to expect. It�s nine days out post op, and I have no pain left from my last 15 years of pain that I�ve had. All I have now is muscular pain. Colleen: So do I.

Yeah, that�s all perfectly normal after the surgery. What kind of treatment options were you offered in the U.S.? Deena: I have had neck pain which radiates down into my shoulders and middle of my back for the past 15 years. I have gone through pain injections every year which we went down to every six months. At that point then, they no longer worked. I did a nerve ablation, and that lasted approximately a year. At that time, I decided to find out what my other options would be. I went into the University of Chicago and was told by some other doctors that my only option would be for a four-level fusion, that the United States would not allow a two-level or a three-level Artificial Disc Replacement. The doctors did feel I was too young for the four-level fusion.

So they recommended that I just wait and try some other types of physical therapy. I did not feel that that was not an option for me right now. In fact, I was already needing a four level. I can�t imagine what other 15 or 20 years would be, and at that point, I would probably not be able to have the Artificial Disc Replacement which Dr.

Ritter-Lang offered me now. Colleen: I�m glad you returned back to Germany. When you came out of surgery, how was your care? Did you feel like you were well looked after? Deena: I did. I do find that they treat their patients very wonderful. You know upfront everything that�s going to be happening. We have two days of pre-op testing, and they�re very thorough.

4-level Cervical ADR at Stenum Hospital and ENANDE GMBH with Dr Ritter Lang, Testimonial

They explain everything in great detail what they will be doing. We had 24 hours of ICU care; we�re taken back to the room. We had care up to six days in the hospital. Comparable to if I was in the States, you wouldn�t have that.

With the insurance industry today, you would be out within two to three days as soon as you could get up. I had a reaction to some medications. So I feel that the length of stay that I was at Stenum Hospital was wonderful. I couldn�t have imagined dealing with that at home. Colleen: So now we are transferred from the Stenum Hospital over to the Park Hotel. Are you comfortable with the accommodations here? Deena: The Park Hotel is a fabulous hotel; they have a great location.

It�s a little bit on the outside of the city which I do not find as a downfall. In my opinion, it forces the patients to get more walking. The more exercise you do, the better you will feel in my opinion. I�ve been walking quite a bit; I�m feeling great. Each day, we continue to improve. Colleen: Yeah. Well, I�ve seen you through the whole process. As I said, we were roommates in the hospital.

I looked at you, and I�ve seen you walk, and you�re looking really, really good. Deena: Thanks. Colleen: I�m really proud of how hard you�ve worked to get here. I know it takes a lot to get this up and going, but you�ve done a really good job of that. So I just wanted you to know that. Deena: Yeah, I�m feeling really pretty good.

Dr. Ritter-Lang had the whole schedule on the process that they do of having the patients come in a couple days before and doing the pre-op testing and then this great length of stay at the hospital and then having to stay for an additional week we can have at the hotel really allows you to have that time to fully recover before you happen to fly even. I was really worried right after the surgery that, �Oh, how can I fly home?� I was feeling so painful at the time, but it�s amazing how each day, you feel so much better.

So I�m very confident that everything will go wonderful on my flight home. Colleen: That�s good. What exactly did Dr. Ritter-Lang do for you? Deena: I was here in 2012, and I did have lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement. I was just fascinated, and the doctors were fabulous. I couldn�t say enough about them. So this was my first place I looked as soon as Chicago told me that I had to have a fusion. Dr.

Ritter-Lang sent me my surgical evaluation, and it stated that they would like to do an Artificial Disc Replacement at level C3-C4, C4-C5 and then two fusions at C5-C6 and C6-C7. So I have four levels in my disc that were taken out. That was very scary for me, but everything is going great. Colleen: Yeah, and you�re doing incredible, really, really well. Would you recommend to other people who are suffering and have been only given options of fusion to take a look at what Dr.

Ritter-Lang can offer? Deena: I would highly recommend that give him an option to look at your x-rays and give you an evaluation. Living with pain is aging on you. So yes, I feel wonderful. I fully expect to feel as well as I did after my lumbar back in 2012. I went back to doing everything I always could do. Colleen: I want to thank you today for taking the time to do this for us, and I know that this would be helpful to other people. So it�s like paying it forward. We�re very fortunate, both of us, to have had both lumbar and cervical surgery, and I hope that others will also have that chance.

So thanks, Deena. Deena: You�re welcome. Colleen: You take care now. Deena: Thank you.

You, too.

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