Today we continue the conversation of helminths. The third issue from this thread will be devoted to roundworm. Hello, my darlings! Roundworm, pinworm and how about we talked with you in prior editions Roundworms include type. Externally, Ascaris lumbricoides It has a spindle form a yellowish white coloring. Adults ascarids reach 40 centimeters in length and 0.5 centimeters in diameter. Condition infection man these parasites in medicine it is called ascariasis. Ascariasis - a widespread disease. Statistics eloquently tells us that worldwide Ascaris infected before one and a half billion people.

In Russia, the average incidence varies from 60 to 85 cases per 100 tysyach population. Like most worm invasions, ascariasis can called the disease of dirty hands. Infection with Ascaris It occurs as a result eggs drift of the parasite in the mouth dirty hands or eating unwashed fruits and vegetables.

On food products of Ascaris eggs can get either land or They can be entered by flies and cockroaches. There are even cases when viable eggs of Ascaris Reserved in canned and salted vegetables. In addition, there probability of infection ascaridiasis if swallowed larvae of worms during swimming in freshwater reservoirs. Epidemiological Researches show, that of Ascaris eggs can also present: on door handles and surfaces furniture in public places, handrails in public transport, on coins and paper money. Because of Ascaris eggs have very small dimensions, an average of about 70 micrometers, they can be seen only under the microscope. Sick people ascaridiasis immediate danger for others it is not, because the eggs secreted with feces, must undergo maturation process in soil. Once in the ground, with are favorable conditions, parasite eggs are ripening stage, lasting from two weeks up to several months, after which they are already dangerous to humans, in the case of entering the body through the mouth. Passing through the digestive path and reaching the fine intestine, the eggs hatch larvae, which begin actively penetrate intestinal mucosa in blood vessels.

Further the bloodstream, they are recorded the liver, the right atrium and, finally, the lungs where through the surface of the bronchioles they come in pneumatic way, reach the cavity mouth, mixed with saliva, and swallowed again reach the small intestine, where and to ripen adults. Fully, after entering the body to the development of mature specimen passes the order 8 weeks. Adults roundworm held in the gut, resting sharp ends at the thin wall intestine. Multiply these helminths sexually. After fertilization, the female ascarids within days can lay up to 200,000 eggs.


Adults live roundworm in humans of 6 months to 2 years after then die. What symptoms indicate the presence of Ascaris in the body? This question is not simple, It depends on the amount parasites, their stage of development and the state of the organism itself patient. There may be, as the complete absence of symptoms and signs very similar to the presence of various diseases ranging from the common cold and ending diseases heart.

At step migration larvae possibly: the emergence of bubbly rash, accompanied by severe itching; increase body temperature to 39-40 ° C; dry cough; difficulty, wheezing (wheezing and in the lung); attacks of breathlessness, both in asthma; pain in the right hypochondria and increased size of the liver; restless sleep; malaise; weakness; fatigue; reduced working capacity; bronchitis and focal development pneumonia. 2 months later after onset develop symptoms associated the presence in the intestine adult ascarids, are: loss of appetite; weight loss; nausea in mornings; vomiting; pain and heaviness in a stomach; disorders chair - chronic constipation or diarrhea; may appear adult worms in feces. It often happens that patients permanently infected with the new eggs of Ascaris, which is why population of parasites in the gut constantly updated. Against this background, it is not excluded development of various complications such as obstruction ruptured and peritonitis intestines; inflammation of the internal organs (lungs, liver, gall bladder, appendix sprouts, kidney); damage brain tissues.

In very rare cases, the infected Ascaris, worms penetrate into the bile bladder, kidney, spleen, heart, eyes, nose, ears, genitals, causing serious violations of operation. With a very heavy even during ascariasis It can cause death patient. Often, for formulation sufficiently accurate diagnosis pass fecal egg ascarids and blood analysis for the presence of antibodies to the roundworm. In the case of being in the feces worms, should be collected helminth in a glass dishes and bring them to the nearest Medical clinic laboratory research. A full course of treatment of ascariasis It lasts a little more than two months and is aimed at removing parasites are at different stages of development, from eggs and ending adult. Anthelminthic preparations fully cope parasites, but have sufficiently high toxicity For this reason, before treatment obligatory procedure carried out detoxication therapy to reduce the effect of the toxins entering in the blood after mass ascarids death.

For to cope with ascariasis, doctor may prescribe such drugs as "Piperazine" "Dekaris" "Pyrantel" "Mebendazole" etc. Act each drug alone and in addition to the therapeutic effect It can cause a number side effects, so it is very important to the reception tablets was conducted only under supervision of a doctor who make the right scheme treatment and supervise its effectiveness, as well as appoint the required in your the case of medical diet food. Folk remedies for the treatment of ascarids ineffective may be sufficient dangerous because they do not kill parasites, but only make they begin to migrate from the small intestine into other internal authorities. As for the so popular folk method for treating helminths pumpkin seeds, then there exists no scientific evidence regarding its efficiency. Prevention ascaridosis It is quite simple - to protect yourself and loved ones from contracting these helminths, should only observe simple rules of personal Hygiene: be sure to wash hands after using the toilet, before meals and after the streets; as well as I do not eat not washed vegetables, fruits and berries. Put huskies! necessarily subscribe to the channel! You go in a group "in contact"! Health to you!.


Today we continue the conversation of helminths. The third issue from this thread will be devoted to roundworm. Hello, my darlings! Roundworm, pinworm and how about we talked with you…