2nd Health Teaching Workshop Sept 19 2014

Author: Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute

*[Set up of the session. Start at 1'50''] Okay, so this is the Keshe Health Workshop this is the second week of this series and normally be hosted by Dr Eliya Kostova. But I am Rick Crammond and I'll be your host today and Eliya will be with you next week. [Technical issues with the picture.

Second start at 5'10''] (RC) Okay well once again this is the second week of the Health Workshop Series from the Keshe Foundation and we're in contact now with Mr Keshe at the Spaceship Institute along with, I think there's at least one or two other Knowledge Seekers there. And... (MK) We're all here. (RC) How many is all to you? (MK) Keyvan will be here next week.

(RC) Okay. (MK) Will be five next week four this week. (RC) Right, okay. 4 Knowledge Seekers from the Spaceship Institute and today we're going to continue discussing about bone structure and how the process of creation of the bone and the ... Structures inside, different parts of the bone and... And ... Mr Keshe will enlighten us, as to some of his ideas on how these things come about, that are, perhaps a little different, than the way ... The way they're taught in biology class and such.

This is where we'll try to combine the realm of the MaGrav in Plasma into something that's workable for the medical type doctors as well. Okay, ... Are we ready to begin there, Mr Keshe? (MK) Yeah, no problem thank you very much. ... Good day to you wherever you are as usual. ... What happened ..

2nd Health Teaching Workshop Sept 19 2014

I received a few emails regarding the ... Last week ... Health Workshop.

Is there any questions you want to ask about last week before we go to this week? Are there any questions anywhere? Do you see anything or shall we just jump into the deep end? Hello, can you hear us? (VV) Waters warm in the deep end. (MK) [Chuckling] Yeah, but some time we go below zero as well. Huh?. (RC) Sometimes it freezes over, yes. ... I was just waiting in the Livestream (VV) [Inaudible..] ... . With MaGrav (RC) Sorry, what was that? You broke up there.

(VV) I said that I thought the temperature was to the do with the MaGrav strength. (MK) So what we spoke, we're going to do as there's no question we're just gonna carry on forward. This is as Dr Eliya has planned it, 3 sections about a bone structure. ... In so many ways, last week, we spoke about the way we look at the bone structure and how the bone is connected to the..

To the structure of the body of the Man and not looking at the bone as a separate entity. In fact, ... There is no way, there is no chance that you can look at the bone as a separate entity in the whole structure of the body of beings or beings with a bone structure in a Human body on this Planet. The reason the Calcium is preferable to be the bone structure or part of the main part of the bone structure is... Has several reasons. First of all, it's because of its Gravitational-Magnetic Field-Strength.

Secondly, it's because of the ease that the parathyroid glands can convert ... Materials or energies which enter the body as Magnetic-Gravitational Field into Calcium, to hold on, to keep the structure as a total Physicality of the body, intact at any point, be it in the deep seas, or a Man on this Planet, above the water. There is a clear distinction how this Calcium can become and has the characteristics and properties of both Nano-behavior and Matter-behavior. So, ... The Gravitational field of the Earth has a direct effect and direct influence on the choice of the ... Calcium, as the Nano... As the structure of the bone of the Man. The structure, in so many ways, has come to be ..

To be one of the most complicated and one of the most sophisticated systems in the whole body. In so many ways, after the brain, the structure of the bone, ... Is one of the most and the most complicated structures in the whole of the Human body. ... Every point, every piece, every position of the bone is tuned, gets tuned is developed and controlled according to the Gravitational-Magnetic Fields of all the minerals and ... Whatever you call it, 'vitamins' and all the metals, which are on this Planet. The who..

To understand this, is that if you look at the structure of the bone the... The centre part, to the upper part of the centre part, the inner part is mainly tuned to absorb ... So much minerals. The..

As you come to the outward layers, then the structure is set to attract, due to its Gravitational-Magnetic Fields, .....so much...... Lighter materials. Then, you understand that, if you cut a bone in the middle and you look at the upper structure of it, in the.. You will see different kinds of strands and different kind of holes. You don't need to be, what do you call it, 'biologist' or to be a 'doctor' to do this.

Even if you get a bone of an animal and you cut it along its length and have a look, you will see different structures. You see strands, you see compactness, you see ... Big holes, small holes, you see the sponginess, you see the hard pieces of the ... Centre point. All these structures are tuned, totally, due to the Gravitational-Magnetic Field of the Planet Earth, in respect to all the minerals which this Planet carries.

So, the bone structure, due to its vibration, due to the Gravitational-Magnetic Fields, in different nano-layers holes, as you've seen in the... In the pictures which Eliya has put in the Nanostructure, every hole has and creates a specific Gravitational-Magnetic Field, which, in Totality of all the holes, decides how much and when, what Magnetic-Gravitational Field lymph is transferred to what material, to be part of the bone marrow and to be part of the reserves within the bone. Or to be converted, to be ready for other parts of the body to be used.

And every single structure that you observe in the bone, be it the strands, be it the solid part, be it the little tiny holes, these are all designed specifically and produced specifically and replaced specifically by the operation of the brain. So, ... If you change any dimensions of any of these Nano-materials which is, we call, the Nano-structure of the bone. Or you block or you fill, get filled in by accident, you will find the whole operation of the bone in the long term will be changed... So, if you can cut a bone today and cut the same bone again in 10 years time you will find the same holes in the same position or combination of the holes to create the same kind of Gravitational-Magnetic Field to be able to absorb the right lymph strength into the bone for what is needed. So, the hole structure, the Nano-structure of the bone is connected to the central part of the brain, in the physical part, and, at the same time, connected with all the needs of the body, around the body that what is needed to be extracted from the lymph, to be converted to what is needed.

This, what this means is, if you have an infection or you have a problem with your immune system, or you need certain kind of the red blood cells, then this is decided by the brain, the instructions given to the bone structure, what is needed to be produced. And this is the job of the bone to create the environment to extract what is needed to be part of the red blood cells and to be part of the white blood cells and to be part of the immune system according to the instruction, which comes from the brain. There is a very clear distinction in the bone structure. In the bone structure we always talk even as doctor Eliya said last week, the red blood cells and the white blood cells are produced in the bone, by the bone. Why the two? Why the white and why the red? The white cells are connected with the Physicality part of the body more than the Emotional part. The red blood cells are connected with the emotional part of the brain, that they can deliver fast energies to it. There is a point which later on we come to, and that is, the red blood cells not only feed the brain structure for the fast consumption of energy but they do the same with the nervous system.

In so many ways, red blood cells energy delivery throughout the body is taxi destination point. What this means? It means the red blood cells, which deliver the energy to the emotional part, they will not deliver the energy to the neural system of the leg And this process is preset by the brain in the bone. So, it's very much like you have a taxi destination from the lung, heart to the brain emotional part, so the brain instructs the bone, this is the kind of red blood cells we need to be in circulation. This is for the emotional part, because nerve system, when we come to the nerve system to talk, nerves themselves from inner to outer structure, they carry emotional magnetic field structure too. So, in so many ways, when you speak about the red blood cells, when you speak about the white blood cells, white blood cells are usually for immune system delivery of energy to protect the physical part of the body. And, at the same time, the structure of the Nano-materials which builds the structure of the red blood cells and white blood cells are decided by the bone structure and the Nano-structure of the bone.

What this do, is that the brain instructs the bone to what structure needs to be used in the bone structure, for certain type of red blood cells to be produced. In the long term when we come to teach in total progress of the whole body development.... Then you'll find out how.... Leukemia.... Can be.... Supported or helped..... Through more bone structure than anywhere else. The bone marrow plantation, what they put for different diseases or for different illnesses..

Literally, dictates the change of the condition in the bone and the bone has to respond to the new change. In so many layers of the bone, it's like a filter. Everything comes together, but it gets filtered to the material which needs to be at the rate to be, by the brain in structure that changes the development and even the size of the Nano-structures or the vibration of the Nano-structures within the bone. What this means? If you take an example if you look at the, at one of the pictures which Eliya has posted, you see the lines of the flow of the bone, on the top. If you take these as the lines of the structure, the fibers of the structure of the bone themselves, .....every time you walk, the weight of the walking, the speed of the walking, the vibration which creates by walking in the bone and in the strands in the bone structure, creates a specific Gravitational-Magnetic field or changes Gravitational-Magnetic field in the Nano-structures, in absorbing or extracting certain Plasma Gravitational-Magnetic field from the lymph for it to be produced by the body. This is one of the reasons when they tell you, when you are older go for a long walk you can walk and you go for it, try to walk as much as you can or at least walk once or twice a week with a, you know, with a good pace. In fact, the only thing which happens with the walking, is that, as you put your heel down going towards the toe, by the speed which you or by the weight which you pressurize the heel to the toe and by the speed you do it, it creates a vibration in the strands of the bone, which these strands and the compression which puts on this, on the Nano-structures of the bone, decides what material and how much material and how fast the material will go through the lymph to be added through the bone, to be added to the immune system, the T-cells and B-cells or to the blood cells or to the neural system.

So, when you walk, the walking, the pace your walking, the speed you tap your foot at the back of the heel to the foot, to the front, it literally dictates to the bone, what to absorb, what to create, what to hold, what to change that to be within the blood cells, red or white, the immune system and in everything else which the body needs. So, in reality, the bone is a conversion factory, and it converts everything to what body needs in majority of cases, which is connected to protect the emotional part of the brain. The rest is to support that the physical part does not fail the emotional part.

That's why your immune system ... Sits with the production, in the same structure, as where the life support of the emotional part, which is the red blood cells, is. So, now, once you start looking at the structure, you realize how much the vibration in every bone, has effect on what is produced at the point of the production. This goes exactly the same with the ribs, with the heartbeat.

The heartbeat of a man, which is a continuous vibration, dictates the structure what goes through the ribs, what happens in the spinal cord, what happens in your spine, the whole bone structure of your spine. So, in totality, we don't look at one bone, but if you look at the whole structure of every bone in the body, they all serve one purpose: to guarantee that, in so many ways, the right red blood cells are available in the position for the organs which they are near to, and what they cascade. The Gravitational-Magnetic field of the bones has a direct effect, for example, on how the lung changes the Nitrogen into the condition for the energy to be absorbed by the lungs to be, to cross the lung to the ... Blood cells, red blood cells. The whole structure of the rib bones is totally dependent on the heartbeat Gravitational-Magnetic field and the condition which the brain, allows the rib, to operate under.

So, If you look at certain diseases, as I explained last week, you'll see defects with the same disease, in the same positions, even though, it's irrelevant for it to be in that position. What this means is that, for example, in, as I was explaining before, in certain point of the body, in the bone structure, we see the first signs of the bone cancer, or ... Prostate cancer. In the bone you can see it. When, if they give you the, the scan of the bone, one of the first things you look, if you can say, if the person has prostate cancer or not because certain bones in the body are responsible for producing and showing the emotional part of the brain's work which is related to prostate; there is certain part of the foot, upper ankle, there is the bone right across the heart on the left-hand side, or the right-hand side, the bottom two bones of the ribs, usually you see, or you see on top of the shoulders. And, then, you have to understand why the bone structure has changed, because of a cancer.

Then you have to understand the work of the emotion, emotional part of the brain, with the physical part, which supports the whole organs of the body of the man. You have to understand that prostate is connected normally, to certain emotions or certain behavior, and when that emotional behavior gets disturbed, which leads to the prostate cancer or problems with the prostate, if, if it's taken too far, that the prostate itself, has to go through the phase of its development of the disease, you'll find immediately, certain points in the bone structure start activating, to make sure that they are not needed, and then, not being needed or absorbing different kind of material through the bone structure, allows certain part of the immune system, which is responsible for looking after the prostate, not to work. It's not needed anymore, because the brain has decided.

So, we see these immediately in those parts of the bone structure, when somebody gives me a scan of the bone of a person with a prostate, without telling I can pinpoint and say, this person has this disease, because of this, what you see in the bone structure. So, you've got to look in what the bone, in fact does. Bone in structure, all the bones, all the 200 pieces plus, no, it's 206 when you are an adult, it's 270 when you are born, or before you are born, these are all connected and they have a specific reason for what they deliver and what they have. If you go back to, for example, the Chinese Medicine and Chinese Way of doing the process of healing, and look at the structure of, they said, each toe, which toe is connected to which organ, look at the structure of the bone on that toe and see how that toe produces, the bones in that toe produce the materials in respect to the position which is in the balance for that organ, if it's needed. Then, the neural system is connected to that bone for the purpose of that organ. This is something which the World of Medicine has not understood.

Why certain nerves, certain neural systems are connected to your ... The tip of your body which are your toes or your fingers, which are connected to the organs internally, inside your cage of the core of your body. Because, for nerves which are responsible, have a connection with the bone, and that bone is responsible through its structure, through the brain, for production of certain materials, for the organ internally, in the core. Eastern Medicine has understood the neural connection, but they've never understood the connection between the bone and the neural system.

If you amputate: a bone, as a finger or a toe or an arm, automatically the brain finds another bone near enough in the structure, to replace the work of the bone, which has been lost. This is part of the re-organization of the body. So, if you lose a toe, or a leg, or amputation of an arm and this bone and the bones in the arm are responsible for the production of certain materials, for certain organs, the body, immediately the brain reorganizes itself, to create a condition in the other bones, to support and replace what has been lost. And, then, if you understand this process, then, you can replace any amputation in a condition that the organ can grow back on, because you mimic the brain working, as is done by some animals. The whole bone structure of the Man, of the Creation on this planet, is dependent on the minerals which were available at the outset of the creation of life on this planet, and is followed the whole thing through. And, some organs, some parts were needed when the materials of certain type was in abundance, and when it's changed, the organ is not needed, it's been changed or it stays as surplus because it's not needed to be done or its function has changed. The bone marrow, what we call bone marrow or the production of the immune system, works on the same basis. If you lose ..

A bone, due to whatever reason; replacement, amputation, loss, or whatever, the brain automatically takes another bone in another position, which can change its characteristics near enough to what is lost, to produce and replace the material which is needed to be produced. And, automatically, this instruction goes your thymus in change of the condition of the liquidity of the lymph, how solid, how dense that it wants it to, and immediately goes to your parathyroid glands which inform the bone in what material, through the brain, they need to be changed to. So, if one part of the bone was producing Phosphor, and now you lost a leg, which was producing major part of the Calcium, thymus instructs the bone, the brain, and brain in turn instructs, changes the structure of the bone in the Nano-layers for the Calcium to produce instead of the Phosphor. So, the change come by change of the gravity. This is what we've shown in the ..

In the Nano-Technology part of the Keshe Foundation. You change a plate, but you keep one common plate. If you put a Copper with Zinc, you put Copper with Aluminum, you put Copper with Copper, you get different materials. And, this is how the bone structure works: Keeps Calcium as reference and then, by changing the Gravitational-Magnetic field in the Nano-layers, different materials are produced as the brain sends information for it to be done.

And, then, the whole process goes back through your immune system, through your lymphs, through your thymus gland, to how thick this material conversion is going to be, at the point of need. So, the beginning structure comes through the brain, to the bone, bone converts, makes it available at the conversion, as a package for the lymph, for the parathyroid glands to dictate the amount, and for the thymus to dictate the liquidity or the solidity of the matter, the same matter in different positions. Doesn't matter what it is, doesn't matter how, what is needed; Immediately, the whole transformation is done through the bone. The whole structure of the bone is, in fact, a Nano factory, which changes its position and its size, according to the environment and the instruction as it comes from the brain. So, the brain decides how tall a bone is going to be, how short one is going to be, why it has to be short, why it has to be taller, what has been received that it needs to be taller, and bigger, and wider or whatever. And then, the bone carries that instruction, that material, for production and protection of the physical part, to guarantee the life of the emotional part. Though the structures which Eliya has put on, in so many ways, in totality, they work all together to produce and to guarantee the full production of the immune system, and the feeding and protection system of the body. And this is the function of the bone, a conversion factory, which its operation is totally, totally controlled by the physical part in respect to the emotional part of the brain.

And, as I said before, to keep these Nano materials, every hole in the right size, in every bone, every strand of the, what do you see in the bone, to be in the perfect position to create the right vibration Gravitational-Magnetic field in certain Nano layers of the bone, to absorb certain minerals, or certain Magnetic-Gravitational field, as metals, from the lymph, is all controlled by the brain. And, as I said before, maybe again: "For the first time, the World of Science understands why the brain of the man is so big". Because, the more functions, the more things, the more pressures are put on the emotional part, then the emotional part has to instruct the physical part, and the physical part of the brain has to control the physical part of the bone and everything else, that for the emotional part to be at ease and comfort. And these can happen in the same..

In one generation. If you go back to the history of the central Asia, or actually... [A Break in the Audio 42:57-43:34 ] (RC) I think we've lost the audio there; it seems that we've I think we lost the Spaceship institute audio; could I get a sound check from someone else in the.....? (VV) I'm here; (RC) Ok, well that comes through fine so, we've lost the audio from the Spaceship Institute, rather suddenly. (VV) [with echo] Looks like the connection is returning, but they may have just lost their internet, oh they dropped: ok, they will be back with their back-up shortly; yes (RC) And in the meantime, Vince will sing a song for us, with his choir of Sandor, and Ludknow and others. I don't hear you guys... I guess not..

Well, maybe we can come up with some, in lieu of the song maybe we can come... I don't know if we will be... (SK) [very strong echo] I am also here; but I am talking not loudly... My wife took some rest.

So, there were questions on the Live stream about: "What to do, in case if somebody cannot walk?" So can you please repeat me the tapping on the heels, so, in the previous workshop Mr Keshe told about this: if somebody cannot walk, in that case you should you give a treatment by gently tapping rhythmically his, or her, heels, for about 10-15 minutes time to time, so it helps to get the vibration to the bones to get to recovery condition. Also, if we see some very ancient Chinese Teaching on training, like Baduanjin qigong, for instance, or... Ji-jei-jing, they were training also for..

...making harder, for strengthening, the bones and marrows, and some of the exercises implied such a tapping, it was one of these exercises which was tapping the back of your head like some drums for some minutes. Also, I found in very old style of martial art... (MK) Hello? Are we back? (SK) Yes, we are back, good. (MK) When did we lose you? (RC) Ok, let's see; can someone help me out, where did we exactly cut out with Mr Keshe? It was basically just a couple of minutes ago; where were we at? Oh well, you were talking about gravity and how it affects bones and Sandor was just filling in about the tapping on someone's heels and I believe that you mentioned that before, in a previous workshop, about the tapping technique that it, stimulates the bones and the growth; and can limber up..

(MK) Did you hear about the short people and elephants? (RC) The short people? (MK) Or you lost us there (RC) The short people? No I don't believe so. (MK) So you lost us before that (RC) Yes (MK) Okay, so what I was trying to explain is that, the emotional part of the body, for it to exist and to be at comfort, that it does not, because the emotional part, is a copy of the Soul of the Man, in so many ways. It does not take more than what it needs; and it does not give more than what it can hold on to its existence; So, in the connection between the emotional and the physical part, it's clearly demonstrated in a group of people who went in Central East Asia, to an island, and in this island, everything .. Was a small island, everything, caves, everything was short... It's well documented, you can go on the internet and find out.

And in one generation, the height of the people and the height of the elephants which they took with them, all shortened to half. It wasn't just the man who lost their heights, to be able to live in the caves in the island, even the elephants which they were relying on, in one generation, were reduced to half by size to height. So, this connection between the emotional part which controls the physical part, is not only..

Connected to the man. So, the gravitational fields of the planet, in respect to the emotional part, and what is physically available, has been available, has led for the Man to have the Calcium in his bone structure, and ... Calcium, being both in a Matter and in a GaNS and in a Nano-structure, very similar in its operation and its construction, has lead for it to be the main structural part of the life on this planet. And, in the very short time, we can show the operation of the bone in the Nano materials, which you have, and you create, and you produce in the other side of the foundation. Up to now, in the Nano materials, you only look at [interruption by echo feedback] ... In so many ways, once you start working with the GaNS of the materials, in interaction with the Nano layers, and we go a step further in next few weeks and few months, you will be able to replicate the operation of the bone of the man in the nano layers and the GaNS, and the conversion of the energy into GaNS, while they go through the nano layers. In fact, you do the reverse at the moment, with the plates you have and the materials you produce.

Then, you can see, you can then become an expert in dictating the vibration and the layering of your nano layers in different sections as a layering, then, you will be able to produce and replicate the work of the bone structure of the man. And in both cases, you will find out that it leads or absorbs and converts the Calcium into the solid state. If you go back to the workshops we had, I explained that, in spectroscopy, we always see CaCO3.

Then, you'll see how, in having different nano layers structure in the body, Calcium will be produced naturally through the vibration of the lymphs, which go through the body of the man, and then through conversion to nano layers, they lead to be the structure of the bone inside. And then, as the bone grows outside in, these Calciums, as they are absorbed and have high link potential, in the gravitational magnetic field of the GaNS, they link up to the immune system to T-cells and B-cells. Because then, they are in the same gravitational magnetic field, to be absorbed or to be connected to the position which they go to.

The whole structure of the bone and what is released by them and what is absorbed by it that links to phosphor, and to Calcium. The reason for bone structure to be creating, absorbing, converting lymph to phosphor is because through the phosphor, the amino acid chain of DNA, and in parallel, the gravitational magnetic field of the helix structure of the RNA in conjunction with the DNA is produced. Then, the physicality and the information on the physicality is preserved within the structure of the bone, within the structure of the conversion of the Calcium in the DNA and in the RNA of the race. So, in totality, the whole structure of the bone is not only part of the immune system, but part of the separation, conversion of the phosphor within the lymph, for every need, for the production of the DNA, for the liquid in DNA structure. And then you understand how important the bone structure is. Without the bone structure, all the information, which is kept in the structure of the animals, which have bone structure, some animals don’t but they use the same process in the different way conversion of the material, the DNA and RNA is preserved; because, if you want, in a later time, we show in the GaNS state, in conjunction with nano layers, how the helix structure, gravitational magnetic positioning of the amino acid, leads to the shape of the helix structure of the DNA, and in center support of it, the RNA.

And, without phosphor, which is converted within the bone, this cannot take place. So, the bone is a trusted part by the brain, to ensure and guarantee the survival of the brain itself, the emotional part; and secondly, for the transfer of the information for regeneration to be passed to the next generation. And, in so many cases, people say how you transfer diseases, or you transfer certain defects; then, in the future, if scientists and the doctors start looking at the bone structure, the changes in the bone structure, they'll find out how they can change the DNA where the defect is by changing the bone structure. That's why they all look for the changes where the change has come in the DNA; there is a fault in this chain of DNA.

Go back and see where the change has come, and, in most of the cases, the position of the phosphor, which is created in the bone, by the instruction of the brain, has taken that position in the nano structure of the bone. So, even what has become now fashionable, that the doctors work with the DNA, and they say this is the fault, the genome or the rest of it, you can change it by looking at which part of the bone is responsible for the creation and the positioning of the certain phosphor in gravitational magnetic field, which ends up in the DNA. And it's very easy then, to stop most of the defects, which are genetically inherited. They are looking in the wrong place, and that's why it looks so difficult trying to find defects, how can we correct the defects and change, and manipulate with the genes? In a much easier way, if you can manipulate the bone structure, which produces the phosphor and all the amino acids for the DNA, and then finding out in that structure what the information sits with RNA, then you can do the job much easier. These are some of the things we do at the Keshe foundation, that they tell us it's just gimmick.

Because we understand in which part of the bone we have to interfere with. So, you don't need to go and change the bone marrow when somebody's got the immune system problem; you don't need to go and change something when you know through the structure of the bone which part of the bone is responsible for which structure, and you allow, you change the environment of the bone and the other structure; and then you find that disease is not there. Bone cancer can be literally rectified directly from the bone structure, within the body of the man. There is no need for chemotherapy, there is no need for all sorts of things and also there is no need for a man to die because of the bone cancer, what do you call it, blood cancer. This is something which the doctors don't understand: they go for the bone marrow, but where does the bone marrow come from? From the structure of the bone. Why do you go through these heavy operations, changing the bone marrow and finding the matching bone marrow? To be able to save a life, change the environment of the bone, which is responsible for that disease, you'd do the job without a single operation. This is what you do instead of the vibration of the strings, or the cavities, or the nano cavities within the bone structure, instead of the bone changes, its characteristics, in the certain position, you create that change in the system, which you give to the person who is under observation. Then you don't need to do operation; you don't need to do these things.

Look why people become frail, look why people become bent, why people, when they get older, they get all sorts of diseases, all signs of weaknesses; because they can't walk properly anymore; if you get an old person just to tap their foot, I explained this before, 30-40 times a day, just a heel of the foot, they create the vibration in the bone, you'll find that you changed 60% of their health problems. They don't need to walk; we've done this so many times, and and then, as they change, they can walk, they can do things. Because, what do you do, instead of putting a system, instead of changing the bone marrow, when a person cannot walk to create the right vibration in the bone structure, then the magnetic field strength of the vibration of the bones change, and that change brings a change in the immune system, this brings changes in the red blood cells strength, in the white blood cells, and then it creates all the other problems. Why do active people live a long life? Because, when you're active and you walk around, you create that vibration in your bone structure, which creates exactly near enough to what you had when you were younger. Death is inevitability for the man; man is born to die from the second he's born.

It's not being afraid of dying, it's being able to understand and serve you the time you serve here, you live here. But you don't need to suffer while you are here. And if, within the simple process, in the old people's home they get old people just to stand on the stick and the frame, and they start learning to tap their feet by the heel, 30-40 times a day, maybe 2-3 times a day, you will find that most of the beds in the old people homes to be empty.

We've done this; one of the first things you see especially with the people who are just about to go to wheelchair, just about to, with ALS, with MS; I always ask them: try to tap your feet as much as you can. In the beginning it cannot be done because the foot is there, they don't heal it, and they don't see it. But in the process, as they manage to keep the tapping of the heel, which creates wide vibration in the bone structure, the brain receives the message: I'm alive, I want to exist, I want to live, physically, and then it puts the change on the emotional side and that's how you see the changes we do in ALS, or in the MS or any other diseases. It's understanding the process, the operation of the bone. And then, you can interfere; you can put shoes that interfere with the bones that touch the toe, which that bone structure through its nerves system, internal system affects the organ inside the body, you don't need to do any work. You don't need to put chemicals in to change something, to force something and then to have something else because you put chemicals in.

The body takes what it needs. Even if you make a wrong system, when you start making systems, you never make a wrong system because the body only takes what it needs from that position. The surplus is not there because it's not in its range to interact with. It's very much like I said, I don't believe in it but I said; the neutrinos go right through your body because it's a high-level energy pack. It's the same way. So, understand the bone structure if you have time and you are interested in the world of the medicine or health, try to go to a butcher's and buy a few bones; cut them in different ways and look at the structure. Understand this structure. Look at the structure of the bone of the chicken, look at the structure of the bone of the lamb.

And then you'll understand why one is so light and how it's been constructed to be so light. And one is so heavy and why it's been constructed to be in that way. And what body they support and what orGaNS they support. 'Are there any questions? (RC) I have a question, Mr Keshe, on the use of sound to, say, rejuvenate or activate a bone structure that might have problems; you mentioned tapping, well, sound is like vibration, and tapping... (MK) No, no, let me explain the tapping; when you tap, you have, you produce both magnetical and gravitational field in its 'back to the Earth' condition; so, you work on the plasma level. You don't work on the wave level; there is a big difference. There is a huge difference. When you shake your reactor, when you have Earth or a planet on the move, the speed of the move, the speed of the change of the move dictates everything what happens on that planet.

It's the same with your body, because when the speed changes, it changes both gravitational and magnetic field. When you create these sound machines, and they do this with their sound and everything else, and it sometimes works, but, when you do the tapping, you change the position and the structure in both gravity and magnetic field. And that's why you get the response from the nano layers, because they are made of gravitational magnetic field because of the plasma containers, empty plasma containers. The Calcium around the hole this size, the magnetic field in the porosity, and the field which it creates to absorb the matter; so, when you change the size of the hole by vibration, you absorb, you interact with a matching field which you need from the plasma. In fact, if you understand the difference between the tapping and the sound.

In the world of science, in the world of physics up to now, we only knew iron, or materials that are near to iron, to be magnetic. And we always said that's the only thing that is magnetic' Now, that we start producing gravitational magnetic reactors, we see, by changing the speed, by changing the content, by changing the gasses inside, we create different gravitational magnetic fields in the environment. So, with the present knowledge, which, at the moment, is going through the foundation, you understand that now you can create the magnet even for plastic, even for wood, because you can create the parallel gravitational magnetic fields of the structure of gravitational magnetic of the wood.

In that way, iron has been done for iron. The same thing happens in the bone of the man. Now, if you understand that part that it both needs both gravity and magnetic field because, when you absorb phosphor, phosphor is not the wave, it's the plasma. It has both gravitational and magnetic field structure.

So, when you create that vibration, it changes gravitational magnetic field within the bone; then, it absorbs what it needs. Sometimes the sound, because of the certain interaction with the matter part, can make the change. But the principle, you have to create the change according to how it's been set, which is both gravitational magnetic field. And the tapping, the way that's, homeopathy, they tap it but they don't understand that by tapping it, they do a different thing. But, in that tapping, you shake the, what do you call it, to the tune of the oxygen; it's in the paper we have published. A lot of people, when they have pain in their arm or somewhere they hate, they tap it. Rick: Well, that clarifies quite a bit that concept of tapping which I've heard of before, and looked into it a little bit, but now it becomes much clearer from what you've said how that works. In terms of sound, I was having particularly the image of the didgeridoo, which is a very low base kind of sound, almost like the voice too, so, I'm thinking could the voice or those low base kind of pulsating sounds, that's really not more of a vibration, but more of a shaking almost, that occurs.

So, I'm thinking, that might possibly work. Or, what about rock music when it's really loud, that can shake you too, but that might be detrimental. It's just because you shake, it doesn't mean that's good, right? (MK) Laugh - Yeah, but it depends how you shake it. (RC) Chuckle - Yeah, it depends on how you shake it. (MK) And how you create the shake. But the thing is, when you tap, when you create tapping, you don't create noise, but you create changes in both fields of the matter. And then you attract certain conditions in the neural system that does not transfer, or, in a way it sends information back to the brain that the thing is ok.

One day I will explain to you the reason for the tapping; it's very much connected to the work of homeopathy and oxygen within the GaNS structure of the water of the body. We transfer the information in the certain way through the carbon of amino acid; this is a very well detailed, I can go through it in very much depth, but the vibration of the walking and tapping, when you tap your foot, you create a vibration, which is both gravitational and magnetic. And that changes the condition; if you can get the hammer and go into your bone, and tap on the bone itself, you do the same job. Because you then vibrate the bone which creates the vibration in the plasmatic form in the liquid of the bone and in the nano structure of the solid part of the bone.

You've got to look at the structure of the bone, where it goes, if you look at the bone marrow. Bone marrow is very much like your oil well; as the amino acid on the upper layer changes and goes deeper and it absorbs more and more of the composition of the materials within the Earth when it gets to a point where we dig it up and we bring it up, the oil is black. Look up the next time when you've got the bone marrow look at the structure and the color of it. And then, you understand the process by the way the bone has produced the bone marrow and the concentration of it, and which part is much stronger for which part of the immune system of the body. The bone marrow closer to the wall of the bone internally is of the weakest order. As you go into the center of the bone marrow, as it's taking longer and it's absorbed more energy from the environment as it goes to the center, that bone marrow, when it's released as part of the T-cells or B-cells, or part of the immune system, then, it has much potency, it carries much power to handle more, what do you call it, stronger viruses or germs or what the body needs to protect itself from.

You don't need to change the whole bone marrow if you can increase the potency of the bone marrow, across its cross section, in the whole length of the bone, then you'll find out a lot of immune system medicine goes into deep end. The way it works is correct, but you have to realize something which is very important, you have to understand the full structure of the bone, you have to understand the full structure of the bone marrow, and you have to understand the structure of the lymph outside. That you allow the certain kind of lymph to cross the bone at the certain point, that becomes a part of the bone marrow that the body needs to protect itself in respect to the condition. Or, you put it in another way, it is needed to become part of the red or white blood cells. If you can understand and build the process system that can do this, we've done it a number of times, then, you can see the change in the health of the person. You got to be able to... Pardon? (RC) There was a question; you mentioned red and white, there was a question from Vitorre, what about color therapy? Since light is plasma based, can that be part of the therapy you mentioned? 'Sorry you're breaking up with the signal. Sorry, we are having trouble with the audio right now, we can't hear you, maybe there is a download going on, or something.

(MK) Can you hear us? (RC) No, it's breaking up pretty bad actually, I'll try again. No, it sounds like there is a problem with the bandwidth; can I have a sound check from someone else? (MK) It's always sound that's breaking up. Hello' I testing, I testing (inaudible) V: No, you are not coming through clear, Mr Keshe.

(RC) It seems we have a problem with your side, from the Spaceship Institute. Are there any uploads or downloads along with this conversation? OK (MK) Can you hear us now video ? (inaudible) (RC) It's still cracking up, keep trying. (inaudible) 'I can barely hear what you're saying; it's cracking up so badly. (MK) Just wait until I reconnect. (RC) Yeah, that might be good thing to do. (inaudible) ok ok (inaudible) I think may be...... Hum (inaudible) No, it's still cracked and thin, we had really good quality (inaudible) ok (inaudible) sound until just now' there's something going on here' it's... Can you hear us again? (long period of minutes trying to reconnect on clean line) (MK) OK, lets carry on! Sorry about the interruption.

Rick: Yes, sounds pretty good there, we should be OK (MK) Ok is there another question? (RC) Well, where were we? We were discussing' (MK) The tapping, which we explained' (RC) The tapping, yes, and the sound thing, and then there was a question about light and whether light could be used as a therapy in the manner you are speaking of with the, interacting with the plasmatic fields. (MK) Hm, therapy, in a way yes, in a way no, the light, because it depends and in respect to what illness or condition. What this means is, part of the light and the sound is, the what we see, in some cases, is just because you do it, because you've done something, it's placebo effect. You think you get better or it changes something and, I say this with a lot of or some knowledge about this, because we had a guy who came to give us a demonstration about the light system that they created for a therapy, and after a few weeks he turned up asking me: 'Can you help me, please? I said: 'You should be able to help yourself with the system you've been trying to sell.

He said: 'It doesn't work for no one, we just sell it. So, and then he came back with his wife. I said: 'Why don't you use it for your wife?' He said: 'It doesn't work.

So, it depends on what you expect or you call the light therapy. But, depending on the field which is received by the body, some light therapies work, but that is on the condition of, not vibration, but mainly on to do with the heat, in some of the sound-light therapies which then work. 'Any other question? (RC) Are there any questions from the go-to meeting there, Vince? V: I don't see any at the moment.

Maybe James has a question? James: I have a question. (MK) Ah, James has a question; I didn't think you are awake. J: Haha - Yesterday I was awake, today I think not. You know, it's very interesting, you mentioned the tapping, because, as I recall, in ancient China the rich people actually had maids that tapped their heels every day, I mean, I never understood why they did that, but your explanation might shed a reason why they asked the maid to tap the heels every day. As a service. (MK) You' talking about that' I am getting every three or four' There are some weights that, not tapping only works for the foot or for when it hurts or when you have a pain. Some tappings, done in a specific way can help with problems like migraine, which is to do with the digestion system which transfers back into the brain due to the, to the position of the emotional part. It depends on where you tap and what you create the plasma condition in that position.

You can use the bone structure to change or affect work of the emotional part or the physical part of the brain in respect to the emotional part. But, tapping is the, if you follow the full tapping process in different parts, in different bones, you will find totally different kind of emotional feeling, when it's done over a long time and on the regular basis. The reason for emotional change is that the physical part does not demand more information from the emotional part, what to do with what position is at hand, and then you find out that in the emotional part you have more, you become more receptive to a lot of other factors of feeling better, because the emotional part isn't under pressure or at least receives the information from the physical part, which there is no demand on it. The structure of the bone, even for bone cancer, you can change it through certain kind of, what do you call it, I call, we call it, the bone cancer cells, defects on the bone, you can change through certain kind of tapping, but you have to know what you are doing, because you have to change the structure internally in the production of the bone marrow. This, this needs a lot of knowledge about the bone tapping as in a tapping of foot or even tapping the fingers on the table, you find it creates a lot of, a lot of changes.

There are a lot of people who have seen or talked about this. You find a lot of musicians, they tap their foot, but if you look, because the way they tap their foot in the front and not in the back, a lot of them have psychological problems. A lot of them have or find peace in different way. One of the ways of tapping, but invisible tapping, is the way you shake your bone structure.

We see that in the very much religious people that when they, when they try to concentrate or whatever, that to reach the emotional level, they shake themselves back and forth. We see that people in the pain, that they move back and forth. That's the kind of tapping which should create certain vibration in the bone structure. If you, if you look at the, when you shake from the pain, if you observe the change of the position of the body, which is so much field change, is a kind of tapping because in tapping we change fields and plasmatic way, you do the same thing with the vibration.

This is one of the reasons you see people who jump on their feet, it depends on how they jump, they come up with different kind of emotional effect. We see that in certain dancers. A lot of psychological problems, or not psychological problems, a lot of emotional problems with the musicians is the way they tap their foot. If they tap their feet from the back, you find that these people behave totally different from the ones that tap their foot in the front. I have studied this for some time, to understand what if it's tapping, why they do it. You find the tapping and how you tap, the way you tap, has a huge effect on a lot of parts of the body, and especially on the emotional part. One of the tappings which gives comfort to the, what do you call it, confirmation of existence to the man, is the heartbeat.

Heartbeat has no noise till it hits your head and the skull and then it makes the noise, like a tapping, tick, tick, tick. But, we got so used to it we never understand the whole principle behind it. That vibration is the same in so many ways as the plasmatic magnetic field of the operation inside the pulse. Without that pulse you never create the first fetus, the bones, in the fetus of the child, or in a body.

You got to look at the tapping as an overall vibration of the body, not just with the foot, what creates, like a tapping, hm, plasmatic conversion. Yes, James? J: Remember the ALS patient that I told you about in China? Do you think it's advisable to tell him to tap his heel that is only'? (MK) Of course, he is already in a wheelchair, he can't. J: Well, his daughter can do that for him. (MK) Maybe they can, maybe it's one way of showing' J: I'm sure his daughter can perform that for him. (MK) Yes, she's done everything for him, huh? That girl does everything' J: Exactly. (MK) I've seen it. But, it's one of the ways you can try to bring back' We've done that, if you look at the ALS volunteer on the video, we started with him and one of the first things he did, now he can walk, now. But you have to understand how you put your foot down.

When you walk, flat walking is, normally you have to put your foot from the heel to the toe, it's the confirmation of the change of the emotion in the brain as well. Walking and the way you walk has a direct, the way you create that vibration in the bone, has a direct effect on your emotions, on your behavior and on the way your physical structure stands. If you, I observe a lot of people when I sit around, how they walk, the way they walk, the way they put their foot down shows a level of confidence, because when you walk correct, when you create a wide vibration, everything in the body is in balance. By the way people walk and the way they approach, you can, you can say how, what kind of person you have when you speak to them, because, again, the way you walk, it creates a certain vibration and it creates the right information, vibration in the bone to create the right material to create the right condition for the environment of the body. If you look at the' J: So, we can ask, we can ask him to try it, right? (MK) Oh, yes. J: We can ask the ALS patient to try it out. (MK) You can buy a machine, which goes tapping on the foot; you don't need somebody to do it.

But, this is one of the reasons when people go into the wheelchair; it's very hard to get them back up again. It's because they cannot walk, they cannot create that, and what the whole point is when you can stand up, the emotional part of the body reacts totally different from when you are sitting down, and you are bound to a wheelchair or to bed. It's not just the physical change; the emotional part comes with it because you do not create the right material in your body. So' J: What is the length of ta pping that you recommend? (MK) It's not a recommendation; you have to find out what you are comfortable with. It's like' J: Like what? 10, 10 taps per minute, or 6 taps per minute? (MK) It depends, it depends on what'you can do anything, you can do, if you go too fast, it's no good.

J: Why? It's not just the tapping, the tapping, the way you, when you walk you, your, all the bones in your legs, even your spinal bones, all your ribs, get the vibration from it. J: So, it has to be pretty forceful, it cannot be a light tap. (MK) If you look at it, if you are 40 kilos and you put your foot down on one leg, you can imagine how much pressure you put. This is what we don't realize. When you are 30 kilos, 40 kilos or 60 kilos, every time even you lift your foot 2 centimeters or 5 centimeters, the way you put it down is half of the weight dropping on the floor, it creates that vibration.

It's very much, if it's too hard to understand, that's why, you see, on the bridges they put a weight limit. The weight limit with bridges and sections is because if you have a heavy lorry and it just hits one of the, what do you call it, divisions and it jumps by 1 millimeter, it's 40 tons plus 1 millimeter. It creates a different vibration in the foot of the bridge.

It's the same thing with the body of the man. I was giving an example to the knowledge seekers past few days, if you look at the world leaders, by the way they walk to each other and the way even they greet each other, yeah, and the way they take their pace walking to each other, shows who is in charge and who has accepted the superiority, and who is inferior. The way the man walks, and that creates the chemical interaction in the brain in his confidence, in his posture, in his approach, in the way his body structure is built, and then he reacts to it. You get all the world leaders, successful world leaders, the bone structure, the way they stand and the way they approach. For example, you look at all the German chancellors, look at all the American presidents, doesn't matter how feeble or how strong they are, because they know they carry the power they walk different. And that influence brings a lot of, what do you call it, changes in emotion and the physicality. Look at the people's features, this is what I said before, if you look at, like his excellency, president Obama, when he came to office 6 years ago, and today, he walks totally different. I have especially observed his behavior over past years.

He has changed his way of walking because his emotion, he had to sit even though he's been a world leader, he had to sit and watch the execution of another. That event has changed him. Take his picture from before that event and after. He's getting grayer and grayer, very fast, because the emotional side and his posture has changed, the walking has changed, and that walking reflects in the emotion, the way he makes his speech has changed. And, now, you take an ordinary man and you put him in a wheelchair.

Just go on the pictures, just, I've been monitoring the life of world leaders and the way they walk and they talk, at the beginning when they come to power and which part of the world they are, and who they are, and where they stand in the position and level of confidence international. Then you understand how bone structure is important in the body of the man, because it's how you move, that's the structure that you stand on, you present yourself, the way you shake hand, the way you greet somebody. It's very simple, but the way, if you are standing and walking in front of somebody who you accept to be superior to you, you walk totally different then when you are the boss and somebody comes to you. I had this experience, one of the reasons I studied this very fully, one of my old friends is one of the most powerful men in part of the world, and he said to me one day, he said: Come to my office at 3 o'clock in the morning, I want to show you something. I said: What's this? He said: I'll show you the power of my desk.

And his table is about 20 meters away from the door. And he said to me: Sit next to me, and watch as people come in. They come in with so much confidence and as they approach my desk the knee goes lower and lower, because I sit in the position of decision-making. When I went 3 o'clock to this office and I watched the man going to his desk, his knees going gradually too, and then, at the same way, because the way you walk and the way you posture yourself, you build yourself, in respect to where you stand and where you are. A good friend of mine, he says: You've never been to Vatican, when the world ambassadors come to give their ambassadorship to Pope, to submit it. He says: depends on which country they come, they come with standing up, and I've seen them crawling to the Pope, on hands and knees, and they are the world leaders and the ambassadors of the world leaders. And, the, you've got to understand; in how you position yourself in the bone structure is how you look at yourself in your emotional side. And they watch you.

People are trained to watch you and how they can use your walk and your emotion in respect to your body structure, and your posture. Then you train your children to walk, not straight, but to walk firm. That firmness will bring back the strength and a lot of self-confidence. When you walk straight, nobody can abuse you. This is when we see why people go from one abusive relationship to another abusive relationship, because they are written on their forehead the way they walk, there is no confidence in there to be hunted. And we, as human beings, we become very good at it, to, to realize who's who, we can hunt. You've got to understand, the bone and what the bone releases, and what information receives from the brain, to develop the bone structure has a lot of, a lot of effects, on the daily life. Doesn't matter how you tap it, it's the way you use it to tap it.

Look at, oh, it's very easy, there is so much at the moment videos, everything available, go and look at the successful musicians and look at the way they tap their foot and look at some musicians which have had a lot of problems in their life. It gives you a very good spectrum of how the dot tapping creates chemicals in the body due to the change within the bone structure that leads to the behavior. 'Next question. Are we finished? Or, are we lost? Hello? 'We are still alive. ' No, there are no questions; I think it's coming out' Rick: Possibly, it's just about coming up on 5 minutes away from 2 hours of recording for the video for the live stream, so that's about what we wanted.

(MK) Yes, there is, there is something which we can announce, maybe today, nothing to do with this program, that we are planning to start the teaching of the children from, not this Saturday, next Saturday, and if you have, we have a problem, if you have children who speak English or understand English or you can translate it for them in English, please contact on the phone, or John, or Rick, to be a participant in this program for teaching of the new technology to the youngsters. I think Kayvan will make a post on the forum, or Rick will do, because the whole process of the same kind of teaching about the behavior and the bone structure and the way they walk and the way their physicality is connected to the, to the bone structure, will be explained to the children on the younger age to understand, that in teaching them at young age they don't let to be abused, and they understand it, and they can't get bullied in the school, which affects the rest of their lives. Any other question or we wind it up? (RC) Oh, it sounds we can wind it up there, not hearing any other particular questions right now, and the, is there any other announcements that we need to make? We just have the Knowledge Seekers' Workshop coming up next Tuesday. (MK) Next Thursday. (RC) Sorry, Thursday, yeah, and another Health Workshop will be happening at the same time next Friday, as well, I assume, that should be with Eliya, correct? (MK) Yeah. And the following Saturday, hopefully, we'll have the first teaching for the youth, for the youngsters. (RC) Right, that would be great. And, I just remind people on live stream, and out there in the world, that you can make donations to the Keshe Foundation now on the forum, it's a good place, or on the website and you can click on the donation link there, and it will take you through to either direct banking donation or you can also donate through Paypal.

We prefer the banking donation, I assume, is that correct, Mr Keshe? (MK) It looks like that at the moment; we sorted out the situation with the Belgians. (rc)ok. V: Mr Keshe, I did have a quick question. (MK) Yup. V: Could you post that, like start the post in the forums under your announcements asking for children of certain age, please? (MK) Yes, that's' Rick will do it, I think, because I've received an email from the governor and I've forwarded it to Rick.

We've got to restructure it that, we'll do, we'll see, I'll make it, I'll make it text and send it to Rick, and then you adjust it the way you see fit for it to be done, and the timing, of the day. V: ok. (MK) Because, I think it will be a problem with Saturday, this is the only day the children get with their parents, more or less, so maybe we have to rethink or put it another day, or just record it on Saturday for them to listen to it any other time. Rick: Maybe we can make it so fun that it would replace the Saturday morning cartoons. Hahahaha! (MK) Chuckle 'It would be the best Saturday morning ever.

(RC) Yeah, right. (MK) In some of the European countries, children go to school on Saturdays, on Saturday mornings. (RC) That's a good point, too.

(MK) So, it's' For example, in Italy all the

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