10 Real Genetic Mutation

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Elite Facts Presents 10 REAL Genetic Mutations 10. Hypertrichosis Also known as “Werewolf Syndrome”, Hypertrichosis is a rare genetic mutation that is reportedly found in 1 in 1 billion people. So far there have only been 50 recorded cases of this mutation. It is believed that this condition is due to the rearrangement of Chromosome 8.

The side effects include unusual facial hair growth, shoulder hair growth and ear hair growth. 9. -High Pain Tolerance It has been noted by researches that Redheads have a higher pain tolerance than most people. It is due to a gene variation known as MCR1 which produces red hair in its host as well as restricts melanin production causing their host having pale skin. Because of this, this makes redheads more resistant to pain than others.

8. -Tolerance for dangerous substances How is Ozzy Osbourne still alive? This guy has had every harmful substance known to man and he’s still continuing his legendary music career. Although the actual mutation is unknown as of now, It is confirmed that when Ozzy had his Genome sequenced, He does indeed have gene variants of which have never been seen before. It is also noted that these gene variants have been found in regions that his genome that is associated with alcoholism and how the body absorbs recreational drugs.

7. -Dense Bones Has anybody seen the film “Unbreakable”? Well the whole concept of that film is very similar to this genetic mutation. This mutation essentially gives the person dense bones which are almost impossible to break. The mutation also allows the person to become resistant to age-wear meaning they’re more likely to be more active when elders. 6. Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis This mutation is extremely rare. This infection is known for giving it’s host a widespread of scaly papules and macules all over their body.

10 Real Genetic Mutation

These growths look almost wood and horn like due to its pigment having a very wood grain finish to them. It is said that these skin tumors start to emerge when the host is between the ages of 20 and 40. It is also said that these growths mainly emerge on areas of the body that are exposed to direct sunlight. As of now there is no known cure for this mutation, However there are treatments to scale back these growths. 5. -6 fingers on each hand So this is something that people think of when the term mutant is brought up.

You know, Having extra limbs and what not. Well this certainly isn’t a work of fiction as MLB player Antonio Alfonseca is known for having a genetic mutation known as “Polydactyly”. In Antonio Alfonseca’s case, He has 6 fingers on each hand. They don’t call him “The Octopus” for nothing! 4. -Super Immunity During the 70s, The HIV virus was running rampant and at the time there was no cure for it whatsoever, However one lucky individual by the name of Stephen Crohn had a mutation that made himself immune to the virus. This mutation is known as Delta 32 and what it does is protect its host’s white blood cells from deadly viruses. Not just for aids as many other people during different virus outbreaks have been found to have the same mutation making them immune to that certain outbreak.

3. -Ectrodactyly Although more commonly known as “Lobster Claw Hands”, Ectrodactyly is one of the few mutations on this list that has a more physical appearance as the person with the mutation is born with with a cleft where their middle finger/toe should be. This is a very rare deformity as it can vary in appearance. For example a person could have 1 finger and 1 thumb or they can have 3 fingers, no middle finger and a thumb. Luckily however this mutation can be surgically operated on to make the hands/feet look more normal in appearance.

2. -Michel Lotito: The man who could eat anything If i was to tell you that there existed a man who actually ate an entire plane, You wouldn’t believe me would you? Well guess what, someone actually did do that. Michel Lotito was given the nickname “Mr. Eat All” Because he did exactly that. He was know for consuming non-consumable objects and not feeling any ill effects from doing so. Over his lifetime he has consumed glass, metals, many bicycles, a coffin and as mentioned, He consumed an entire Cessna 150 over the course of 2 years. That is just crazy! 1.

-Progeria Progeria is one of the more upsetting cases as it mainly affects children. Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome is a very rare mutation that is found in 1 - 8 million people. It’s symptoms include rapid ageing, Growth failure, Hips that are easy to dislocate as well as a high chance of dying from heart disease or a stroke. Truly heartbreaking. Don't forget to like us and subscribe For more Elite Facts.

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10 Real Genetic Mutation

Elite Facts Presents 10 REAL Genetic Mutations 10. Hypertrichosis Also known as “Werewolf Syndrome”, Hypertrichosis is a rare genetic mutation that is reportedly found in 1 in 1 billion…

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