10 Natural ways to treat type 2 diabetes #diabetes

By: The Mental Health Herbalist

- This video was requested from a subscriber in Jamaica. You're suffering from Type Two Diabetes and here are my 10 top natural ways to treat Type Two Diabetes. Starting with number one, cinnamon. As little as a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon per day can help to reduce your blood sugar levels and other risk factors associated with Type Two Diabetes.

Number two is chromium. Chromium is really important in supporting the pancreas and adrenal glands, two key organs at play in Type Two Diabetes. Good source of chromium include barley, lemon grass, peach, stevia, and oats.

Number three, spirulina. So spirulina is another great source to help stabilise blood sugars and also supports the adrenal gland function. So number four is fenugreek, a really well-known Indian spice. What fenugreek does is it helps to increase the production of insulin and reduce your blood sugar levels.

So number five is magnesium. So according to a 2011 study in the Journal of Diabetes, magnesium is associated with the reduced risk of Type Two Diabetes. What they found was those who had more intake of magnesium had a lower risk of Type Two Diabetes.

10 Natural ways to treat type 2 diabetes #diabetes

Good sources of magnesium include dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, whole grains, avocados, and dark chocolate. So number six is turmeric, another Indian spice. The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has an anti-inflammatory effect, but it also has an anti-diabetic effect supported by research. And you can check out my video on how to take turmeric in the famous golden milk, just adding it to almond milk, for example, a great way to turmeric on a daily basis. Number seven is apple cider vinegar. Research from the Arizona State University found that apple cider vinegar stabilises blood sugar levels by slowing down the intake or the absorption of carbohydrates. And you can watch my video on apple cider vinegar by following the links below.

Number eight is almonds. So research from Canada on the use of almonds to treat Type Two Diabetes found that the intake of almonds reduces the blood sugar surge that happens after eating white bread. White bread is a common food that many people eat that's naturally converted into glucose. You can check out my video on almond milk in the link below.

You can make it yourself, what better way to take almonds on a daily basis? So number nine is fibre. The intake of fibre into our digestive system slows down the whole digestive process and this reduces the sugar spikes that can occur. So if we can slow down the digestive process, nutrients absorb more slowly and gradually into the system, helping to maintain our blood sugar levels. So by increasing your intake of nuts and seeds, whole grains, fruit and vegetables, you're gonna help treat and reduce your risk of Type Two Diabetes. And finally number 10 is dandelion. So dandelion is a really important herb as it supports the liver's function to balance and metabolise blood sugar levels at an even pace.

A well-functioning liver is really important to help treat Type Two Diabetes. So I hope you found these 10 natural ways to treat and deal with the symptoms of Type Two Diabetes. So I hope you've enjoyed these 10 tips, if you have, maybe share them with your friends, tell me if there's any of these that you use on a regular basis, engage with the comments below, let's learn from each other on how best to treat Type Two Diabetes and help you get over your symptoms and if you have more video ideas you'd like me to address, I'm very happy to listen to them, add it to my list, and be guaranteed I'll have it up for you here soon. Been a pleasure talking to you today and I'll see you in a video very soon, take care, bye-bye. (gentle music).

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