1. Adrenal crisis: when to give an emergency injection

Author: Addison's Disease Self-Help Group

The general causes of an Addisonian crisis are vomiting, tummy upsets, dehydration and infection and if you have severe physical shock, say for example you're involved in a car crash. You sometimes get it with a heart attack or something like that. That's obviously very uncommon but any other intercurrent illness will mean that your steroid requirements goes up because my steroid requirements go up and down a lot, but actually the person with Addison's disease can't mount a stress response to a intercurrent illness of various sorts and that's why they need emergency or extra steroids. People with an Addisonian crisis may present in many different ways. Some of them have a bad headache, others feel sick, others just feel tired and drowsy.

Their blood pressure can go down so that when they stand up they feel dizzy. The symptoms in an Addison's crisis can come on very, very quickly and this is literally key to understand because you don't have time to wait. Half an hour is probably too long. If the question comes into your mind "am I having a crisis, is this the beginning of a crisis", if that question even comes into your mind, then it's much safer to give yourself an extra injection. When you're having an adrenal crisis it's probable that a lot of people will be worried about the idea of injecting themselves.

On a scale of 1 to 10 you'll feel the needle go in, but it's very, very small pain. It's 1 out of 10. It's not at all bad.

It's like having a blood test, that's not bad, but it's something which saves your life. If an emergency arises, it's like going along in a plane: you're going along really fine, but actually you really need to take urgent action, the plane's engines failed – your emergency kit is your parachute to safety. An injection can't have any long-term or serious, nasty side effects.

1. Adrenal crisis: when to give an emergency injection

The half-life of hydrocortisone is a few hours and so it will all have gone within a few hours and so again it emphasizes the fact that you can't do harm giving an unnecessary injection and you have the potential to do a huge amount of good. A lot of doctors and nurses will not want to give an injection unless it's absolutely barn door and they should know that if you're in any doubt that's the time to give an injection and if that's a problem then you hand them the BMJ leader which says 'Please give me an injection immediately'. So after you've had an injection for adrenal crisis, you're safe for a few hours but it's absolutely important that immediately after that time, your injection, you get help. You get somebody to come in, either a GP or if you're seriously unwell you might, you might need to dial 999 and get an ambulance to take you into casualty because you might need extra fluids into your veins. An adrenal crisis, they occur on average every seven years or so, but some people get a crisis within a few weeks of diagnosis and some people don't get a crisis for 20 or even 30 years, but the important thing is that everybody is liable to get a crisis. And the other thing which is a sad reflection sometimes of people not having enough steroids is that they can very occasionally die as a result of an adrenal crisis and that emphasizes the utmost importance of dealing with intercurrent illness very early.

Every single crisis is preventable and every single death, although they're very, very uncommon with Addison's disease, is a preventable death. If in doubt, you must have an emergency injection because it won't do you any harm and it could save your life.

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1. Adrenal crisis: when to give an emergency injection

The general causes of an Addisonian crisis are vomiting, tummy upsets, dehydration and infection and if you have severe physical shock, say for example you're involved in a car…

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